Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why yah gotta be a tease?

All images are from Scott Robert Photography. If you are going to use them, please give him credit.

Photography was one thing that we wanted to splurge on. If there was any advice given while planning for our wedding, it was, " spend money on the photography because it's the only thing that you will be able to take away from the wedding." We couldn't agree more and so we searched and searched and searched....until one day I had a conversation with one of my sorority sisters, fozziegrrl.

She told me to check out one of her favorite photographer's website. That happen to be Scott Robert. I have to tell you, I was utterly blown away with the images on his site. The hubs was blown away and it takes alot for him to be blown away, too! Each time we considered another photographer, we kept comparing and going back to Scott Robert. It was sorta like how us brides shop for our wedding dresses.

When we finally booked him, I gotta say that I was ecstatic to have him as our photographer. Cloud Nine. Skippy Happy. I couldn't believe that he was going to be a part of our wedding. I kept having to pinch myself just to make sure that, Scott Robert, was going to be OUR photographer.

He certainly blew us away with our engagement photos. It was through other engagement photos that we knew what to expect. But no one prepared us of how we would react to our photos. Words cannot express how amazed we were. We were and still are in pure awe.

Now, Scott is teasin' us with our wedding pictures. We were amazed with the source files received and couldn't wait to see how they were going to turn out when processed. It's such an interesting emotion when you see yourself processed in certain ways you would never think to be processed as. Initially, I didn't recognize myself. Is that me? Is that my husband?

What I wanted for our wedding was a bit of vintage and chic flair. Scott seemed to nail both of these with his photography. He certainly does have a knack in creating an aura about an image. With mine's in particular, it feels as though our wedding took place in circa 1930 and I absolutely love it!

One of my favorite images so far is of our ceremony. Its an image that doesn't scream wedding all the way which I love. You don't immediately think, wedding because what you see initially is the landscaping and that is why I love it.

You can view more of the pictures at his blog.

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