Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The last time the hubs and I dressed up was about 3 years ago. One of our good friends threw his annual Halloween party. Unfortunately, we waited until the last minute to purchase our costumes and we ended up with the most unpolitically correct costume one can purchase. Its pretty funny and ironic that the hubs wore it especially because he's such a die hard Asian version of Malcom X.

It's a good thing that at the time of our costume wearing, a proposition regarding Indian casino gaming was on the ballot. So, we took advantage of that and basically wrote, " Vote YES on on that proposition. "

This year, I didn't dress up. But, the hubs was so cool enough to dress up for Halloween at his work. I nearly jumped out of my pants when I saw him coming down the stairs for the first time in his costume. Who the hell is that?

A Bright Sunburst

It's been a whirlwind of a week, hence the lack in blogging. Still trying to unpack all of our stuff. The hardest and most frustrating part of the unpacking are my clothes. I just have too many clothes. I tried to go through them a gazillion times to see what I can donate, but I only got a bagful. F. This is a big wake up call to STOP shopping. More like an emergency call.

We finally purchased a rug for our family room. Was quite surprised that we were able to purchase it so soon. Thank goodness for connections at Pottery Barn. The store in Roseville is moving locations to a bigger location and so they are having a 50-75% off sale on alot of their items. One of them being their area rugs. All of them are 75%. Drool. I wanted to adopt all of them when I arrived at the store.

We decided on the sunburst rug in orange. The hubs was a hesitant about it and I still think he still is. But, I really think it adds a punch of color and warmth to our house as it was getting a bit too brown. What do you guys think?

We also purchased a neutral synthetic tan colored rug. I couldn't help but buy two as this one was only $74!!!!! Who sells a rug for $74? Exactly. So, I just had to get it. Don't know where I'll be putting it yet, but shiz, it's freakin' $74!

Lovin' the before + after on Design Sponge on the Ikea step stool. Hatin' how I can never think of creative things like this and have to wait until someone does it first. Makes me want to go and buy an Ikea step stool and have my hand at it even though I don't need a step stool.

Picketed at work. It was truly an experience for me. Never done such a thing. Got kind of emotional and a bit nauseated while in going in a circle like a pony tied to a post. Bargaining meeting in a couple of weeks. We shall see if we are going to go on strike. Ugh. As much as I don't want to, I know that we need to. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attention, Everyone. The Dubyah's are in town!

This past weekend kicked start me and the hubs " new chapter" in our married lives. We moved into our new home in booty freakin' Egypt. Hello there Bucca di Peppo, Carino's, Chevy's, Il Fornaios. It's quite lovely to see you and hopefully {not} we won't see you as often. Thank goodness for living quite close to midtown where there isn't as much chain restaurants.

We don't have cable yet and I'm starting to die here watching Seinfeld episodes on dvd's, but at least we have the internet. Phew. That was one of the first things we knew we had to hook up. Addicts, I swear.

Most of our house, the first floor that is, is put together. Lovin' my knock off of a floor lamp that I purchased at Geeyah, baby! I saved $100! Been poppin' my collar because I'm pretty proud of myself.

We purchased some barstools that I'm pretty sure are made for people with Marfans syndrome. They are so ridiculously high. And to think, we thought we were getting a pretty good deal and thought it was THEE perfect height for our countertops. Oh well, they look cute though.

We also made our first dinner in our new home. Cloth napkins, fancy water goblets and everything sans the serving dish for our meat sauce. Been trying to save on trash and use cloth napkins. But the hubs brought up a good point. So, you'd rather waste and use water then? oooooooooooooooh yeah. forgot about that.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taking "green" to another level.

I'm all about trying to be green in order to better our Mother Earth, but man, this light fixture featured on Design Sponge takes the cake. Recycling the peanuts you use in the mail and turning it into a light fixture? Yay or Nay? Doesn't it sorta look unfinished and messy?

If you just can't tell how the heck it will blend in a room, here's a picture of it in a room. Are you sold yet? It definitely is a conversation piece. If you really like this, you can learn how to make it here.

Another green project that I think is more up my alley are these lovely cloth napkins. I've been thinking alot lately about using more of the cloth napkins, than the paper napkins as it creates trash and just seems like such a waste. Although, it is much easier to just use a paper napkin in all honesty.

Anyhoo, do you ever see "scraps of fabric" for sale at stores and think to yourself, " what could I possibly do with scraps of fabric?" Well, if you manage to get 1 yard of scraps, you can easily turn them into 4 pretty + adorable napkins. Instructions on how to make these are here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Puffy Heart...

Ever since I gorged myself into wedding planning, I seriously started to develop a hard crush on stationary. I mean, I would admire it from afar, but I wouldn't have the spontanous of, "omg, I have to have it!." Dam, freakin' wedding. haha.

Parcel Post
is one of my new favorite blogs that is constantly making me drool and scream with delight. Makes me wish that I was her best friend and can somehow get some freebies because that's what best friends do right?

A few weeks ago, I saw these on her blog. Thoughts of what I can do with these were swirling through my head. They are labels from ilee papergoods.

Now, she posted these lovely wrapping delectables. Oh my sweet Jesus. These are so yummy. I need to give a gift to someone, asap!

The Turnover.

It's official. As of 5:00 pm, 10.20.08, the hubs and I became proud owners of a beautiful home. We are homeowners, baby! We. own. a. home. We still can't believe that the house that we entered with our own key is ours. Ours. Wow.

It was quite fantastic. The turning over of the keys to us. We signed a paper and then came out a pretty colored Tiffany blue box with a white satin ribbon tied around it. My eyes nearly fell out. We were totally not expecting that.

What we received were a pair of crystal candle holders. So pretty! They even have Tiffany colored "warning" stickers on top. How cute is that? I can't wait to use them over the holidays. These pair of candle holders are going to be a constant reminder of our first home.

My mom was insistent of us bringing in a small amount of uncooked rice and salt. It's a Filipino tradition and it's suppose to bring you good luck. So, in we went with it. So, in we went with it. Hah.

We'll be moving in this coming weekend and we can't wait. Moreso, me. I'm so ecstatic to finally be able to call a place, " our home."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I heart festivals.

I don't know what it is about them, but I just love going to festivals, even when it's scorching hot. I love the people watching, the various food booths, the various art and jewelry selling.... just everything.

This Sunday, the hubby and I will be going to North Berkeley's Spice of Life Festival. I've never heard about this festival before and it's been around for 6 years. How did I miss this?

Here's the jist.
In it's 6th year, the Festival will savor the "Spice of Life" with an exciting new Culinary Stage at the Elephant Pharmacy parking lot hosted by Kitchen on Fire's Chef MikeC showcasing the East Bay's finest chefs. At the stage a range of cooking demos and cookbook signings by popular neighborhood chefs and restaurants will be featured, along with sales and sampling of gourmet food products. Throughout the Festival, gourmet food offerings from a range of North Berkeley restaurants and selected vendors will be available near bistro style outdoor seating areas and wine and beer gardens. This year we welcome Calistoga Water as a new major sponsor, and the event will be "green" with the use of compostable food plates, cups and utensils with the assistance of the City of Berkeley's Recycling Program.

Local musicians will provide live entertainment on two stages and in more intimate settings such as the Vine Street wine tasting area. North Shattuck area businesses will host author appearances and book signings, interactive art projects, and yoga and bodywork demonstrations. The event also includes 125 exhibitors displaying high quality arts & crafts along with fair trade imports, local non-profits and schools, and a variety of children's activities. The North Berkeley All-Organic Farmers Market will be held as part of the event in its usual Thursday location on Shattuck near Rose St. with additional vendors.

Hope to see you there!

You got to move it, move it.....

If you were to walk into our present living conditions, good luck to you! Watch your step! Look down, not up! There are tons of furniture, bags, boxes everywhere. Heck, our couch{es} are sitting in my mother's living room. The dogs are lovin' it. They think it's a doggy playground. Not so much, our parents. Heh.

We've been trying to accumulate stuff for the house here and there and unfortunately, it's starting get cramped.

One item that I'm excited about getting is our return address stamp. Only problem is, I'm having one heck of a hard time choosing which one to get.

Found an assortment over at Etsy.

I thought I was dead set on getting the one in cased in the fancy schmancy parentheses. But, the more I look at it, the more I think it's too simple. Do you agree?

Then, I thought about getting the pretty mum one. But then I thought, is it too girly? I'm trying to be androgenous.

Here are some more choices. Help!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What? It's Free?

I love downloadable freebies, especially when they uber cute. Since, I'm not a adobeillustrator-photoshop-guru, I try to take advantage of freebies as much as I can and hold on to them for dear life. Heh.

How about Orange is one the blogs that I love that hands out free downloadables. Today's freebie is this cutie of a pie gift tags, titled Four Seasons by Rachel Weber from Fog & Thistle. Isn't it lovely? I just tried it out on chartreuse colored cardstock and it looks oh so fabuloso. Loooooove it!

Here's the link to take you to uber cuteness. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update.

Had yet another busy bee weekend. When will it ever slow down for me?

Well, we went to our walk through and it turned out really good. It turns out, th
e carpet that we were drudgingly anticipating to see wasn't too bad. It wasn't a creme color as the hubs thought. He swears that in the light, it looked creme. hah. Okay, well, I'm so glad that he was so wrong. It's actually a khaki colored carpet that we were debating about getting. So, it worked out fine. The only thing is that they forgot to order the refrigerator that we managed to finaggle from them as part of our offer. Doh. So, another walk through it is--- all for the refrigerator.

Plus, since they felt so bad about the mix-up with our carpet color, they ins
talled protective covering for our garage. The guy was so excited to tell us. I personally, was wondering what's all the hype about this? Yeah, it's nice and all,but it's a freakin' garage. Who cares that there is a really good floor covering on our garage. What's the big dealio, yo?

Went to the NKOTB concert. It was such a surreal experience, yet it was so awesome at the same time! Talk about nostalgia
. My eyes were so dreamy that night, I could barely see! It was one of my best experiences, ever!

The hubs' birthday was also this weekend. "Happy
Birthday, Honey" was the theme of the day. Heh. We had dinner at A16 in the Marina district of SF. {That area is always freakin' crowded. } I got to choose a birthday card with the words," husband" on it. Now, I can be apart of that " oh, I'm so excited to get a card for my husband for the first time!." Heh.

Bought a floor lamp at.. wait for it.... wait for it.. This Young House quite often features furniture fr
om there and I have to admit, they have some pretty cool stuff. I really wanted this lamp that they often talk about at This Young House, but it's more of a desk lamp as its small. Wish it came in much bigger sizes {that's what she said!}. It's only $24.00, too! Great price.

So, instead
, I found this great looking floor lamp that I'm hoping that it'll look just as fantastic in person as it does in the picture. I just realized that it comes in a brushed nickel steel. Dam. How did I miss that?

Mine's is blackened steel. Hmmm, may have to upgrade. It was a great price at $41.96. The brushed nickel steel is $54.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I want to scream.

So, as you know, Friday is our 1st walk through the house. Since the hubs was in the area, he decides to swing by the house to take a sneak peek. I'm not sure if it was a good or bad idea. It probably was a good idea, but man, has it drawn up some upset emotions.

Casually, he tells me, " so I look at the house and I see that our carpet is that {points to the creme colored lampshade} color.

Me: What? What did you say?

Hubs: Well, maybe a bit darker, but it's definitely a light colored carpet. It's not in the brown colored family and it's not dark.

Me: What? What did you say? OH.MY.FREAKIN'.GOD! #$%#&%$$@#@.

You see folks, the carpet we chose, was a dark brown color. We wanted it to match our downstairs tile. I think what we got, based on the hubs descriptions, was a light colored creme carpet. F.

I'm so not excited to see our house tomorrow in anticipation of what I'm going to see. How could the designer mess this up? How? How do you mix up a light and dark colored carpet? WTH?

I've already given a heads up to the person we've been working with at Shea Homes. I just wonder if this has ever happened before? Can you imagine? They are going to have to tear up the entire upstairs carpet and replace it with another one. I wonder how long this is going to take. We are suppose to close on the 24th.

I know that I'm already going to be grumpy as I work tonight. Our walk through is at 10am and is going to take about 2 hours. Then, I'm headed down to SJ for the NKOTB concert at 2pm. Can we say, no sleep? Hopefully, I won't be too mean to her tomorrow. The poor thing. Heh.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

May not cost a penny, but it's sure dam close!

Growing up, I remember hearing JCPenney stood for, " Just Cost a Penny." Did anyone hear that same saying? I never really took must interest in the store. I'd probably look around only because my mother wanted to check out the goods. I guess, I was being a little bit of an elitist when it came to entering this store. {gulp} But, now, since I'm a soon to be home owner, that elitist in me has gone away. I don't shun away any store.

Reason why. They have a ton of furniture replicates that I just can't turn a blind eye.

I love these bookshelves. On sale for $99 each! That's a steal, in my mind. Right?

Or check out these upholstered beds. They are so sleek + modern, I can't contain my giddiness inside. For a King sized bed, it's on sale for $799! {psst, it comes in assorted colors, too!}

Oh, and what about this storage bench? On sale for $299!

I am in love with this entryway cabinet/table. I love how it looks like its a thrift store find, but it's so not.
On sale for $229.

There's just so many great things to look at that I can hardly contain myself when I peruse around.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a Good Thing.

About a year and a half ago, I was saddened by the departure of my bff-roommie-sororitysister-sister that I've never had before to North Carolina. I understood why she had to go, but I just couldn't help but be a wee bit selfish and want her to stay, well, because of me. My heart was broken, but it quickly mended each time I got a chance to see her and it was fortunately, quite often. I tried to cherish each time we got to spend time with each other because I didn't really know when was the next time we were going to see each other.

But, a little over a month ago, she calls and tells me that she has some good news to share with me. I had no clue. Was she preggers? Was she getting married to her long time bf of 10+ years? What was it?

Well, she's moving back to Cali, Cali! She's moving back to Cali!!!! This calls time for a moment of celebration. Honey shots, shall we? *clink*.

I'm so excited about this delightful news. Today, her and her bf should be arriving sometime this afternoon or tomorrow and I just can't wait to see her... and well the her bf, too! Heh.

She arrived just in time for the NKOTB concert, movie premiere of Twilight, and the holidays! What's even greater is that she'll only be about 5 minutes away from our new home. Now, this is a good thing!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cover Me.

There's no question that we need to place a rug in our great family room. But, what kind of rug? There are just so many designs, textures, and colors. Plus, it's quite THE investment so you have to make sure that you pick just the perfect one.

I know that I want something modern + hip, but yet classic. Can one find such a rug? I also know that I want to sway away from the typical " Oriental" type of rugs. Reminds me of atypical Asian homes. While I do think that many Oriental rugs are beautiful, it's just not the look I am aiming for.

Been perusing the usual online furniture stores and some have caught my attention. I found some "safe" rugs, but they just look sorta doudy to me. Do you agree?

I'm sorta digging these rugs, but I'm not quite sure if its projects a seasonal type of rug vibe. Plus, it looks like I may be limited to a certain color palette if I were to go with this type of rug. They do come in two other colors, such as a dark green and pretty burnt orange.

This one seems more of my steelo. But, is it too busy, perhaps?

Never thought that finding a rug could be so complicated. Maybe I'm putting too much thought into it.

Random Thoughts.

Next Friday is our first walk through in our new house. Excited, but nervous at the same time. Wondering if we chose too dark of a carpet. We wanted a khaki kind of color of carpet, but realized immediately that it wouldn't go well with our tile in the family room. Took a few tries before we finally settled on a carpet color, hence the semi-delay on our house. Now, I'm just praying to all of the Gods up above that the color we chose will look okay.

We got our outdoor carpet from Pottery Barn. Impressed that it's much bigger in person than what I imagined it to be. Plus, it's pretty thick and sturdy. So glad that we decided to purchase it, but wondering if it may be a wee bit too "girly" for our house. I'm trying to be more conscious of the items I like for our house. Heh, now that I look at the carpet, the more I realize that it is way girly.

Saw this tv cabinet featured at This Young House and absolutely swooned over it. It's probaby because it's in the shade of yellow. I go bananas when I see things in yellow, don't you? Oooh, also couldn't help but notice the $12 print they featured from Ikea. So dreamy. So relaxing. So sweet. Yes?

Gonna seee NKOTB next Friday, too! Hubby bought me the greatest hits cd's. Coworker's love me {yeah, right!} for playing it all night long. Heh. I'm just trying to figure out what to wear to this concert. Any thoughts or ideas?

I know for sure, I can't be going like this. Can you guess which one is me?