Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, what do you know?

I think it's kinda funny and I giggle when I think of how Angelina Jolie purposefully wore her blue Max Azria dress backwards to the SAG awards and makes plenty on the best dressed headlines. I swear, this lady seems to do no wrong. I just wonder, really, how Miss Aniston feels whenever stories like these pop up. Roll her eyes? Yes, I think so. I would too.

I got a surprise package in the mail the other day from one of my good friends-bridemaid. Oh, how I love getting special mail, don't you? Makes me sad how sometimes how our world has totally revolved around online shopping, bill paying, etc and it has affected our post offices. I crave getting pretty envelopes laced with stickers, glitter, something sometimes. Remember those days?

Ever since I began my wedding planning and introduced her to, she has been obsessed with that website. I don't blame her. She got me a knited neck scarf and a chic reusable bag. Ooooh, I could just cuddle with them both.

Excited for the upcoming weekend. Too many celebrations. Birthdays and Superbowls. So excited. So drunk. So gitty. So drunk. Hope everyone has a safe and sound weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've been loving the episodes of ER lately. Alot of the original characters are showing up and it's just so cool to see them act their old characters out. Now, it has been made official that George Clooney will be on an episode of ER. He is filming with his love interest Julianna Margulies today and tomorrow in LA, and it is expected to air in February. I can't wait!

Been anticipating and thinking of what the hubs and I can make for our Superbowl Bash we are throwing at our house for the fam-bam. I used to be an avid fan of football when the 49er's were THE team to beat. But, ever since their fall, I fell off the wagon and haven't looked back since. I do love a good Superbowl bash though. Who doesn't?

So far, I have in mind the Wings 3 Ways that I saw on an episode of Cooking For Reals on the Food Network by Sunny Anderson. She makes a honey bbq, lemon zest and spicy butter wings.

Alright, I gots to take a nap so that I can be a happy working bee tonight. Ciao!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Days Off are Coming to an End.

The hardest part about having 7 days off, is getting motivated to go back to work. Really, it's tough. But, I'm glad that I got to see the Obama's Inauguration during my days off. I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I felt proud to be an American. Loved the choices of outfits that the First Lady chose. I don't care what others think, I absolutely loved her choice of ball dress. It was very romantic and just whimsical. It was very appropriate for yesterday's magical evening.

Feeling motivated, I'm going to make a hearty stew for dinner tonight before I head off to work for the next 4 nights.

I had to make a meat sauce that literally had to cook, on low, for 2 hours. The good thing is that you can make 4 different dinners with this sauce. Un-freakin-believable!

My black mary jane wedges arrived today! I've been looking for an everyday shoe that I can wear. I wish I could sport the flats, but I just feel so frumpy in them. Everytime I wear them, I wish I was super tall. My pant length are just not meant for them. I suppose, I could wear boots, but honestly, I am just not feeling the whole, "pulling it off with a look of gotta take a shiz." You feel me?

I got them at It was my first time shopping with them and so far, so good!

Oh! I got the hubs a Valentine's gift that I am hoping is just right! I know. No wait, I do know that he needs this gift badly. Right now, it has to be under classified information as he reads my blog. Ugh. Go away! Just kidding. :P

I forgot to post photos of my sorority's dinner gathering over the weekend. The house was changing cabinet members and so a few of us decided to join the celebration. Besides, it gives us a chance to meet the new actives of the house. Oh, and eat some sushi, too!

Maddie Update: She weighs 20 pounds. I can't believe she gained 10 pounds in one month. We aren't even over feeding her either. This is a picture that was taken last month. Oh, how small she was then.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reader Request?

I subscribe to the Fashion Under $100 blog. They certainly have some deals and replicate the high end designer clothing + accessories pretty well. Often times, the business where they find the products often times sell out of the products. I really wanted these Grey Mary Jane's for a awesome price of $18.00. But, they were out of freakin' stock.

Anyways, as I digress, I just can't believe that this was a reader request. Do you have the same reaction as me? It's Lady Gaga. She's the one with that starting to be annoying hit on the radio,
" Just Dance." I mean, c'mon...dude she has her hair in a bow. WTF? Besides, what's so special about her outfit anyways? You can find it easily at some Forever 21 store, right?

She's sociable.

It was just like any other day. Maddie went to the front door, sits down, and looks at me. She's telling me that she needs to go to the bathroom, or in our house, " potty!" " I need to go potty!" {Gawd, I can't wait until we get a doggy door, I swear!}

On with her leash and out the door we go. But wait, Maddie stops with her ears perked up and has this look of " What the heck is that?" I'm kinda nervous because I really don't know what she would do. But, then I thought, wait, she's never seen this animal before, so screw it!

Leo, our neighbor's cat is being walked on a leash. Yes, I said leash. It's different. But, whatevs. Apparently, it's not a new thing. Maddie goes up to Leo, smells, and starts initiating play with her. Wow. I finally have a dog that is "okay" with a cat. Hah. It was the cutest thing!

Then, our other neighbor walks up to us and says, " is that a cat?" LOL

I find out that he has a 7month old German Shepard named Kacey! Aww, Kacey...what a cute name, huh? So, he brings her out and Maddie and Kacey play, play, play!

Maddie was so mad that she had to go back inside. She was crying on her way in the house. Sorry, Maddie! Just hang in there. Once all of your shots are done, we can go to a doggie park. Ooooh, I'm so excited that my doggie is sociable.

I thought it was just for a snack attack.

Since we made a trip to the nearest Asian store, I had to pick up my Shrimp Chips. Just had to. It's one of my ultimate indulgences. While some of you that absolutely hate the sight and smell of seafood and are probably cringing and thinking to yourself, " Eww, shrimp chips?" Trust me, it's good. Well, maybe not to you, but for seafood lovers, it's good.

I don't know why I googled it, but I did and I came across dozens of recipes featuring Shrimp Chip Fried Chicken. Dozens! National newspapers even featured these recipes. Really. Here's proof!

What.the.heck. I just can't imagine the combination of the two together. How would that taste? I crack up just looking at it because of the different of colors that appear in the chicken.

I may give it a whirl one of these days. Who knows. Has any of you tried this before?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am so new to the Chinese culture. I literally just found out a few days ago from a Latina no less, that Chinese New Year or Lunar Year is on Monday, January 26th, which so happens to also be my mamasita's birthday, too! 

The hubs didn't really know either, which got my brain thinking
, " WTF?" Anyways, with learning this muy importante news, we headed over to the nearest  Asian market and bought ourselves a couple of packets of lai-see. The hubs was sticker shocked that we had to pay for the envelopes because he
 said businesses used to give out the envelopes for free. 

I have to admit that I was kinda giddy perusing the bins of envelopes. I wanted to get the girly purse ones for our nieces, but since it came in amount of 4, the hubs didn't want to get it. I find it odd that an Asian company would put in such a quantity especially for New Year's. 

In April, the hubs and are hopefully going to take our long awaited honeymoon. Sadly, it's not going to be in Thailand like we 
originally planned. Stupid house. LOL S
o, we are going to go to Hawaii since we will
be attending a wedding there. It will be our very first gay marriage we will be a part of. I can't wait! I just love this couple. They are just oodles of fun. 

They purchased the same cake toppers as us and I just jumped up and down with excitement when I first saw it. So freakin' adorable, I tell you, right? I just love their slippers!!!!!! 

Been crackin' up over the Christmas lotion I purchased at Bath n' Body
 Works. I bought the Peppermint Twist body lotion. That shiz just burns. Everytime I walked and felt a little wind, I'd get this " cool" and "minty" feeling rush pass me.  Word of caution when it comes to the Peppermint flavored body stuff. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We've Been Blogged.

Ah, our long awaited and highly anticipated {by us, ofcourse!} wedding slideshow has been posted on our photographer, Scott Robert, blog. Woohoo! Yippee!!!

Just watching it for the first time made me cry. I was such a hot and happy mess on our wedding day. Did I tell you all the drama that went on in the morning? Everything was going all smooth and dandy until some dude decided to lock himself in his car on the freeway to our wedding area. So, guess what! The freeway had to close down for a bit. HAH. Yeah, I know, right? So, our hairstylists were super duper late. I mean, suuuuuuuuuuuper duper late. But, they finally made it and cranked us out in good time. They even gave my MOH a little bity haircut, too! Now, that's professionals.Click here to view the slideshow.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Deals, Galore.

Where do begin. Shall I begin with Maddie? Got her a brand spanking new collar at the local Old Navy. So preppy. So Ken n' Barbie'ish. So Cute. Heck, if my wedding colors were pink and green, oh and had a preppy vibe going on, and I had a dog in my ceremony, I think this would be THE perfect collar for the dog. You can't really tell from the picture how it looks. But, it has big argyle blocks running through it with a green trim. So freakin' J.Crew, only it doesn't have the inflated J.Crew price slapped on it. I love it!

Saw this adorable tweed jacket while perusing the aisle at Old Navy. On sale for $27. But, dude. Got a HOT tip from the cashier lady and she told me all of their clearance items are going to be marked an additional 50% off starting, TODAY! So, I am going to snag, snag, snag this jacket for a whopping $13 and change. Uh-huh. Thank you very much!

Speaking of sweet deals. Oh my freakin' gawd. I could just freakin die right now. You all know how I've been drooling over the upholstered chairs at Pottery Barn right? But, I don't have the funds to plop down $500+ for a stinking chair. No freakin' way. Anywas, Target's new Home Decor Event line has some upholstered chairs that are nearly close to PB's chairs but at a fraction of the price. Thanks This Young House for the FYI. Now, if I can only decide on what color. Ugh. That's the hard part. I want them all!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ahh, the weekend tis' here.

Random musings going through my head. Are you ready to read along with my scattered brain? Let's go!

My new work schedule is just sorta killin' me. I feel as though I'm constantly there. Either that, or it's just way busy when I'm there and I just hate it. Why is that it starts to slow down when I'm about to be off for 7 days. Figures. Should I start keeping a four leaf clover in my pocket?

Saw these adorable Sandra Juto prints courtesy of Creature Comforts. I want them, but just wouldn't know where I could put them. The colors just make you smile, huh?

Is everyone just excited as me to see the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic? I loved the books and am jumping up and down in anticipation of the movie. It looks so funny! If you haven't already, I suggest you go to your nearest book store and purchase the book. You'll absolutely fall in love with Luke. Hooooooottie!!

Oh, one more thing. The latest episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County bugged. So annoyed with Tamara and the "senior" Housewives. Such mean people they are! How dare they purposely get Gretchen super drunk. Serves Tamara right for Gretchen and her son hooking up. In your face, beeyatch!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Red + White Day.

Okay. I have to admit it. I'm a sucker for the All American Hallmark holiday of the year: Valentine's Day. I love it and all its cheesy heart shaped products that are out there. Call me a sucker. A Lamo. A follower spending frivolous money on useless items. I don't care. I love this holiday. I do remember one year where I hated Valentine's day all because of an ex-boyfriend that I was trying so desperately to get over. That year, me and my single gf's wore black and celebrated with a night on the town. But, that was only that year and since them, V-day has been absolutely bliss, bliss, bliss!

This year, the hubs and I are dining on the actual Valentine's day at a restaurant called Taste. We usually try to avoid the crowds and the inflated prices by dining the day before, but since I have to work the night before {cough, stupid boss wouldn't give me the entire weekend off, cough}, we will be joining all the cheesy couples on Valentine's night wining and dining.

I've started a tradition these past couple of years by surprising my closest gf's and mailing them a little Valentine's present in the past. I'm on the search for the cutest + most affordable gift, so if you guys see anything, pass them items along to me. Me gusto mucho!

I'm also on the hunt for a little something for the hubs. Do you think he'd kill me if I bought him these bright red jammie's? HAH.

I can't help but smile when I see these pillowcases. Aren't they so cute???

Anyhoo, are you a Valentine fanatic, too?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Guess I'm Getting Old.

It's been quite frustrating working with a couple of early twenty-something people lately. Very Frustrating. So frustrating that it has brought out my evil self at times and I often feel bad about it because it's really not a person of whom I'd like to be.

I wonder just how it feels to be so unmotivated and do the bare minimum every single day. Can't that get old after awhile? Won't they just hit rock bottom and just say to themselves, " I need to do something."

I swear, sometimes, I think there should be a minimum age for some people to join the workforce. Its tough working with people that just won't grow up and take shiz seriously.

On another note, This Young House posted Target's Home Decor event and man, am I blown away with their products. Target is really stepping it up these days.

My favorite item so far is this duvet cover. I have my eye on this bedding because it will totally go well with our nesting side tables that we recently purchased at Pottery Barn over winter break.

Speaking of which, they Pottery Barn came out with another set of nesting tables, only this time, they have glass tops. Dam, wonder if I should have waited.

I couldn't help but notice this 3 piece sectional for a cool price of $419 and it has a classic, yet modern look. Way better than Ikea, doncha' think?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Start of a New Year.

I'm a bit late in wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but hey.... it's all good right? The hubs and I rang in 2009 in San Francisco at Jillian's. One of his friends' is a party promoter and was renting out this place that is normally a pool hall during the day for a NYE party. Unfortunately, we failed to bring our camera and so we had to bum off other people's camera. I'll just a post a picture that was taken years ago in LA.

The party was aiight. I've been to better parties. I think I was disappointed because the dj decides to play, Grease Lightening 2 minutes before the strike of 12. Great way in hyping up the crowd, huh? I thought the same thing.

Maddie is nearly 3 months old and she is growing so fast. Sometimes, I think she grows literally an inch or two on some nights. She's starting to be better at no
t pee'ing and poo'ing in the house. Actually, she hasn't pee'd or poo'd in the house for the past couple of weeks. But, she did pee in her bed a few days ago and we were sorely disappointed. We almost felt as though we were taking a step back just when we thought we were making progress. Oh wells. 

I've been back to running thanks to a bunch of coworker BFF, aka " No Fear". She's 
motivating me tremendously. I just discovered podcasts and have been downloading them like crazy. Yeah I know. I'm so late in the game when it comes to anything Apple related. My favorite so far is the 94.9 Wildworkouts at Noon. They are free and they are great mixes to go jogging to. That is, if you are into hip hop music.