Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Cool, New Spinoff.

I gotta give it to Los Angeles. They get the cool, uberchic restaurants. They get restaurants that are different and fun. Eating out and trying the hippest newest restaurants is what I miss about me and the hubs long distance relationship. But, now..sadly, we have to settle for more chain restaurants and lesser hipper restaurants. Sure, there's San Francisco, but San Francisco doesn't always get the fun restaurants; it's more of the " why so serious" restaurants.

Enter, Take a Bao.
For the Chinese enthusiasts and the Chinese speaking, you are reading right. Bao, as in steamed bun. Can you believe it? I think it's a fantastic idea. Heck, I already love the entree of the crispy duck meshed in between a hot steamed bao with hoison sauce and a crisp green onion.

I think anything in between a steamed bun would be delicious, hence the reason why I think this restaurant concept is pure genius!

Their concept is to turn the traditional steamed bun {bao} into a sandwich with fillings like pomegranate skirt steak, crispy fish, sesame chicken or sweet chili glazed tofu. For the low carb folks, they even offer lettuce wraps instead of the steamed bun. But, why would one even go to this restaurant and request a lettuce wrap especially when the name of the restaurant has the word, bao in it?

Thanks, EaterLA for the tip!

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