Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday!

There's nothing better than realizing that you don't have to work this coming Monday. I have a set schedule at work and the days prior to me having my 7 day days off, I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Well, I forgot that I had to rearrange some days in my set schedule and so in the month of September, I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Yes, it cuts my 7 days off by one day, but who cares? I don't work Mondays in the month of September. Isn't that better?

This weekend, I'm excited to try out a fancy schmancy Filipino restaurant, called Intramuro's. It's in the heart of the Filipino community which is South San Francisco.

My family tries to have a cousin get together at least once a year and we were finally able to set a date after months of exchanging emails.

I'm very interested to see how their Bibingka souffle tastes like. See, I told you this restaurant is fancy! Normally, this dessert, which is a Filipino cake is made on a sheet pan and is cut up into squares or diamonds if you are like my grandma. Sometimes, you'll see it at Filipino stores baked in banana leaves for aesthetic purposes.

We are also attending one of our friend's daughter's red egg party. He's one of G's good friends and fraternity brother. Yay for free Chinese food that is good! Yeah, I said it.

Other than that, will be relaxing and enjoying the weekend. What are your plans? Anything fun? Or are you just going to relax and take it easy?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

California State Fair

The hubs and I try to attend the California State fair each year. Its been a tradition since we started dating 11 years ago. I think, the entire time we've been together, we only missed one year. Not too bad, yes?

I think over time, we've unconsciously developed a nack for eating the same things every year. One is hands down, having a buttery ear of corn and a jumbo corn dog. However, I, have started to get rebellious and a bit more daring.

Last year, I ate a fried snicker bar and that was just bleh.

This year, I had an inkling to try the fried smore. I love smores, so I really thought it was going to be absolutely delicious! In my mind, I was picturing two graham crackers, melted chocolate and oozing marshmellow goodness falling out as soon as I cracked that beautiy open.

The gooeyness of the chocolate and marshmellow was there, yes, but the graham crackers and deliciousness wasn't. There were just mere crumbs of graham crackers and the rest was fried batter, which made for an absolute mess and disgusting taste.

I have to tell you that prior to purchasing the fried smore, I did endulge in some berry forest gelato. I don't know why I got it. I wasn't even feeling it, but when I saw the BFF and her baby daddy have one in their hand, I just had to get one.

These zuchhini curl were just nasty. Too. Much. Grease. Was not worth $8. Heck, a zuchhini doesn't even cost that much. WTH?

Had my traditional jumbo corn dog. But, my friend was feeling frisky and got a SUPER corn dog. It was 10 inches long and he finished it way before I was even halfway done with mine's.

Ever since tasting these bad boys last year, I knew this had to be on our list for years to come. I just love their cinnamon rolls. Wished that I had a cup of joe to go with it.

We had a great time at the fair. Amazingly, I didn't waddle out of the fair. I can't wait for it to come by next year!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life and Motivation.

I'm going to certainly try my hardest to write what I have been feeling for a few years now. The frustrations I felt when talking with some people. The wonder of what it really takes for someone to fight their emotions of fear, failing, making changes, setting personal goals rather than have pipe dreams.

It's so easy for one to dream and think about the " what if's" in life. You can talk about what you'd like to do in life or what you wished you've done in life but didn't. But, how can one even talk about the " what if's" in life when one doesn't even try to go in unchartered territory? I totally understand the feeling safe attitude and being in a comfort zone. However, when does one say, enough is enough? When does one obtain the motivation and courage to take steps in order to reach their personal goals?

Why doesn't one, sometimes, want to crave that feeling of being challenge? Does it stem from the way they were raised?

Our mental emotions has so much power over us. It's amazing how different it affects various people. How it causes that person to create excuses and have them actually believe those excuses to be very true and thus convince themselves that, really, they just can't do this or that right now. How it can create an overwhelming motivation for that person that all they see is attaining that goal that they set.

It's just amazing and this subject shall be continued.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A True Chic Flick.

Was excited for this weekend. Had lots of activities planned and one of them was to see the movie, A Time Traveler's Wife.

Caught the first show, which I found out is the early bird matinee. The ticket was only $5.50! Saw it with my EG girls, bernbaby and ceearn.

A few years ago, I read the book and looooved it. I do have to admit that it was definitely a slow start for me. A few others agree that it was the same feeling for them, too!

It took me awhile to fully understand what the book was all about because of the transitions. But once I got into it, there was no turning back. I couldn't put the book down. I was intrigued with Claire and Henry's love story.

Watching the movie was a bit like seeing the story for the first time. I tend to be a dumper of a mind. In other words, I read it, comprehend it at the time, and then a month or so later, dump the information.

So, when people ask me if the movie followed the book well, I really couldn't answer them immediately. I had to read bits and parts of the book, including the ending, to give them a satisfactory answer post movie.

The answer is yes, the book pretty much followed the book well, but when Claire was a full grown adult. In the book, it focuses on Claire and Henry's relationship in the meadow when she was young. How they came to get to know one another.

Regardless, I enjoyed watching it. I also had a bit of delay getting into the movie just like the book, but eventually was hooked into the plot.

Bring tissue girls, because this movie will most definitely make you cry.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Muir Beach

I'm still here! Present.

Weekends have been jam packed with family + friend activities, I can't seem to come up for air to breathe. Work is when I come up to breathe and really, who wants to breathe at work? Bleh.

This past weekend, I thought it was time to use one my wedding shower gifts, a lovely brown wickety wick picnic basket and head to the beach along the coast, Muir Beach. Packed the cooper, Maddie, and ofcourse the hubs and headed onto Hwy 1.

We got off to late start which made us run into ridiculous traffic. I started to think for awhile there that we really will not make it to the beach in time. But, we eventually made it there and was able to sit in the sun for a couple of hours and let Maddie play in the ocean for the first time.

As we were walking to the beach, Maddie's tail was clearly waaaay under her body. She was scared. Didn't know what or where we were going. Anything would startle her. But, as soon as she saw the dogs, the people, the beach, up her tail went!

She was running from the waves coming in at first, but she eventually started running into the water and for some odd reason, would try to grab it?

We had to keep her on a leash as she gets way too excited. She runs everywhere which makes us look like a fool as we are doing circles in the sand because she's running in circles.

There were lots of dogs, unleashed and leashed. I envied the owners with dogs that were able to walk on the beach with their dogs unleashed and within voice command. I hope Maddie can be like that someday.

A few dogs that had the same owner came up to say "what's up, hottie," to Maddie. She so badly wanted to run and play with them, but we kept her on a tight leash. Sorry Maddie. I hope you understand why we had to do this. One day, you'll be able to go unleashed. One day....

I'd like to return to Muir Beach again. It's definitely a great beach to bring your dog to. The drive to there is not too shabby either. Actually, it's rather swell. Loved looking and dreaming about the big houses that surround the area. The swirly roads that are surrounded by beautiful nature, and oh, watching the cyclists pedal uphill on the little road that they had to share with us motorists. Hah. That was a site to see!