Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Reality of The Hills.

Having a huge snack attack after shopping at the Grove, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to get some hot wings at none other than, Hot Wings Cafe. On our way to the cafe, the hubs says, " Hey, look.... People's Revolution!" {It's right next door to the Hot Wings Cafe} " See, I told you the show is fake." It sure didn't look like it was hustling and bustling like the picture to the right shows. It was abandoned with paper covering the windows and all tagged up with gang writings. Boo.

The hubs despises this show for that exact reason: it's fake. Me? I'm indifferent. I don't really give a rats ass if it is fake or not. I just enjoy watching the cattiness and ofcourse the fashion they sport and think to myself if I can recreate that look at Forever 21.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Since Christmas Day, I have just been on the go, go, go! Didn't get a chance to breathe or rest much.

Christmas Day was spent at my parents house. No traffic which was sooo sweet! It was lots of fun and lots of drinking. Heh. Brought Maddie over to meet her doggie cousins, but sadly, they didn't take a liking to her. Boo. {FYI: they were all boy dogs, and I was scared that she was going to be gang banged.}

How can any doggie not like this cutie pie?

Plus, my family was trying to rename her, especially my lovely brother who has two dogs that are named after rappers, Snoop and Biggie. He cleverly thought of the name Missy, short for Missy Elliot. Whatevs.

The day after Christmas, it was off to LA to spend time with the in laws. Had to quickly pack the morning of and hoped that all of my outfits that I packed went well or at all together. All the while, the hubby with his two duffel bags on each side hit the ironing board in which my jamba juice was sitting on top of and you guessed right.... spilled all over the spanking new carpet and all over the walls. Ick. Tried so hard to hold down my anger and say to myself, over and over, and over, that it was just an accident.

LA was fun but extremely full. We ate, drank, ate, and drank. Oh, and got to see Marley and Me. I was extremely excited to watch this movie just because I enjoyed reading the book. But, the theatre we went to cranked up the heater so high coupled with strong perfume roaming the air and I got nauseated to the point of me having to leave the theatre about 15 minutes prior to the movie ending.

Now, we are back at home trying to get back to the daily grind. Gonna spend NYE in SF at Jillian's. It's been a couple of years since I had NYE off so I'm quite excited! Hope everyone has a safe and great New Year's!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I can't believe Christmas is just 4 days away and I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping. I blame it on my severe laziness. Usually, I'm all about fighting the crowds at the mall and going shopping, but for some reason, this year, I just didn't have the urge to go shopping. Ugh. 

We got a new addition to our house. Her name is Madison. We call her Maddie most of the time and I have to admit that alot of times, I get all tongue tide. There are times where I'll be calling her a completely different name. Screw me. 

She's been quite the handful, more like a little shiz, but we love her to death. I am a bit fearful of how BIG she's going to get though. She's already 12 pounds and only 2 months old. WTF? Look at the size of her paws!!! My gawd!!!! 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Trying to Cook.

We've been trying to make a conscious effort to save money and cook dinner at home. I emphasize the word, " trying." It's kinda hard to do when you know that a large bowl of Vietnamese Pho costs a measly $6.95 and doesn't come with cleaning. 

So, tomorrow. I'm going to take action. Yes, ma'am. I am. I am going to cook Pasta Carbonara, compliments of The Pioneer Woman. I saw this recipe on her blog awhile back and made a  mental note to make this someday. Well, tomorrow is the day.2868736085_4fc299b28e.jpg

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Want, I Need Continued.

Before I begin my list of things that I want and need, I want to say, " Go Pacquiao!" It was my first boxing match to ever watch and I must admit that at first, I wasn't too quick to notice what was going on. That guy was too quick!!! Awesome match and I'm so happy that the Filipino's have THE bragging rights. Woohooo!!!

Onto the I Want, I Need list.
I just can't get enough of Pottery Barn's gifts. I think they are all so cute. I've listed many of my favorites.

Catch All. Who doesn't have a little area that we dump some of our stuff onto? Coins? Pens? Marbles? Jacks? I saw these at Pottery Barn and wanted on. Loved the vibrant colors it comes in, too! Oh, and for your man who especially have those designated areas to which they dump all of their pants pockets into, this is the perfect stocking stuffer! $19.00

Luggage Tags. I nearly purchased this for one of my good friends that loves to travel. This is a cute gift for perhaps a couple or a friend that loves to travel or even frequently travels just for business. Plus, it allows them to easily find their bags in that sea of baggages. Right? Only $12.00.

Jewelry Box. I've been drooling over this Andover Jewelry Box for about a couple of years now. My personal favorite: the white colored one. I don't know about you, but my jewelry ranging from cheap {Forever 21} to expensive is all over the place. It sucks and I want some type of organization in this department. You can even get it sketched with your initials! Cute. $89.00

There are many more to come...... to be continued again.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Want! I Need!

Been oohing and aahing over many yummy things. I just wish just for one day, or maybe two, I can go on an unlimited budget shopping spree. But for now, I'm being budget conscious and looking for items that I would love to have that is under $100.

Boots. Love the Ugg version, but these will suffice. Kenneth Cole, Knit for You boots. Cool price of $70.

Calendar. I'm usually not one for wanting a calendar. I used to when I worked in an office and had my own desk and what not. But, this time around, I want one, especially the one from Paper Source. Why? Well, when 2009 is over and done with, you can turn it over and find templates that you can cut + fold into pillow boxes, gift and/or hang tags, and file folers. Genius! Just pure genius!!! $26.95

Not a Paper Cup. I have a huge addiction to mugs. I must admit though, I have tapered down a bit. After moving and putting up all my mugs in the cabinet, I realized that, " shiz, I have way too many mugs!."

I have been heavily eyeing this mug, however for quite some time. I love the design of the " to go" mugs and gives yourself that illusion that you did spend $4 on that cappucino. But, wait, you didn't because you made it at home! Weeee!!! $22.50.

Okay, more items under $100 will soon to follow.