Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did a bottle of Peptol Bismol spill in our bathroom?

We got to visit our house yesterday in hopes of choosing the color of our carpet. We failed. We just couldn't decide. So, we are back to square one and the designer is going to send up more samples of carpets in hopes that we will find our "carpet for life" soon. I think our problem is that we know that once we choose the carpet, we can't go back. We just don't want to make the wrong decision and have to live with it forever. Ugh. Sucks.

I recently wrote an email to This Young House, which is a design blog written by a couple who owns a 50 year old house and has done their own DIY renovations. A
ll the while, they managed to help others, {hello, that's us!} to transform our house into something we love!

Our dilemma is our master bathroom. I know what all of you are t
hinking. How can we already have a design dilemma when our house is brand spanking new? Let me explain. Our house was in the process of becoming a model home. So, all the tile, countertops, flooring, sans the carpet were picked out for us. I'm so happy that the colors were neutral and within my liking. But the master bathroom....oooooooooh, that's a whole different scenario. Major drama within my head.

When I first walked into our master bathroom, I nearly fainted with disbelief. More like, I nearly barfed. I just couldn't believe that the designers would put such warm and inviting colors throughout the house and then bam {!}, put this shiz
in here. What the hell were they thinking? Seriously. What the hell?

Ok, Ok. It's marble and it's very expensive. But, couldn't they have chosen a more neutral colored marble? Ugh. So, now I'm having to figure out how I can decorate this lovely puke, salmon colored bathroom. I hope they write back and save me!

Here some more puke for your pleasurable viewing.

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allbowerpower said...

whew...I am glad you left me this link. Yeah, it looks like my mauve countertop & your salmon floors are birds of a feather :) Horrible hues, aren't they?

Well, thanks for the laugh. I loved your 'barf' line ;)

XO - Katie Bower