Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Coming in Strong

Our wedding venue, that is. Currently, our wedding venue, Malibou Lake is leading as the best spot to get married in Los Angeles on My Fox Los Angeles. I couldn't agree anymore. It's a great venue for couples who are wanting an outdoor wedding at a very reasonable price.

When we first visited the site, we instantly fell in love with its lush green surroundings. It's secluded in the Santa Monica hills with a lake just across the way making it a serene and calm place. Private residences surround the area and in fact, own the Malibou Lake venue as it is their country club.

The indoor venue has that vintage vibe that will make any bride squeal with excitment. There is a fireplace {a real fireplace, nonetheless!} in which they light up at night that makes your wedding even more cozier. The chandeliers, which was my favorite part of the venue are just as charming and add to the vintage vibe even more.

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