Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maddie vs. Cookie

Maddie had her first playdate with our friend's dog, Cookie.

Sidenote: What a name for a dog, huh? I mean, most dogs know the word "cookie" by treat and so if and ever you have to call Cookie in a place where there are tons of dogs, you are going to get alot of head side tilts with ears up. HAH.

Okay, enough digressing.

So, we wanted to have a playdate since a bunch of us are going camping in about a couple of weeks. Cookie and Maddie will be the dogs accompanying us and we are so ecstatic about it. I dont' even like camping but because Maddie is coming along, I can't wait. Weird, no?

This wasn't their first meeting. They actually met at a dog park and got along swell! But, ofcourse, there were other dogs amongst them and so it wasn't really a good gauge as to tell whether or not they really got along.

When Cookie first came over, high energy was between the two of them. We had to settle Cookie down a bit. She was abused by her previous owner and is going through alot of social rehab skills compliments by my friends who are doing a fine job if I must say so myself.

After a bit of calming down, a small walk in between to release the energy, all was fine in our house. Here's a video of them playing. Excuse the talking.

Click Here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our What?

Anything that is non related to clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, you have me at a lost. You'll get a furrowed brow look coupled with a deer in headlight look.

Our doorbell rings this morning and it's the Shea man. He's the guy that ensures everything is running okay in our community. I guess he said our house and the house behind us doesn't have a "stub" and would like to install one in our backyard.

Sure, I say! But.....what is a stub?

In my head, I'm thinking, " what the fock is this guy talking about?" Something about a nub?????

I knew right before he was about to explain that he was thinking, " stupid girl." Jeesh.

He explained it had to with water and if we wanted to have landscaping in our backyard, blah blah blah. Basically, I have no idea what the hell he just explained to me and hope that the hubs can look at it and say, " oh that, ok! here's what it is honey....."

So, may I present to you, our stub.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, Maddie.

Oh, Maddie. How I love thee. You are really lucky that you are one cute dog. That's pretty much what is going for you. All jokes aside, we really don't have it that bad. At least, we don't think so....yet. It's been a kind 9 months for us. Really. But, I think we jinxed ourselves by speaking to soon a few months ago and saying, " wow, she's a really good dog. she hasn't done that or that."

Bite me.

Seems like she's having a bit of some separation anxiety. I don't blame her. We are, after all, great companions. Heh.

First it started off with our shoes. Surprised us both since we've left our shoes out before for the longest time and she never once touched them. We were beginning to think we had THEE perfect dog. Yes, we sure were!

Chewed them to death. Poor hubby had no flip flops for a few weeks which wasn't good given the heatwave we've been experiencing. She even chewed my favorite pair of flip flops, too!

So, we naturally made sure that when we would leave, make sure there were no shoes at all on the floor. Just her good ole' chew toys.

What does she go for next?

Let's look closer shall we?

Ouch is the word. Everytime we pass by this area, we bow down in sadness. Sadness because our house is less than a year old and it already has some abuse to it.

To resolve this issue, we have purchased a bottle of Bitter Apple Spray. I've read mixed reviews about this stuff. Some say it helps and some say it didn't do a darn thing. I smelled the stuff and woooooooweee, this stuff goes straight to your head. You can smell the alcohol big time. I sure wouldn't eat the wall anymore if this stuff was on it. Hell no. Let's hope that it works for Maddie.

We also invested in some lawn spot spray for her urine. Dam dog won't pee on anything else BUT grass. What the heck? Guess what? Our front lawn is the only area that has grass and guess what? Our front lawn looks like shit! So embarrassing since we belong to an HOA. I'm just waiting for our sweet little ole letter to sanction us.

While we were at the petstore, we also purchased a poo poo bag holder and refillable bags. They were on sale, so why not? The zebra holder was pretty much the only one that was descent looking out of the bunch. Not much of a selection. Chose it because it matched well with her leash. Shuttup. I know.

I have to admit that I like the convenience of having this attached to her leash. Not having to worry about remembering to bring some plastic bags with us and not to mention, holding them in our hands or pockets.

I just don't like that it's not really eco-friendly. More plastic bags????

Monday, July 20, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair

The weekend couldn't have came any faster. I had a rough week at work. I could tell as I was one crabby girl. I was snappy. Tired. Acting like such a beezy who's been PMS'ing for years and I felt so bad for feeling that way.

Moreso, for the hubby. Gawd, he's such a patient, kind, and supportive spouse. Never once, did he lose his patience to my impatience. I know if the tables were turned, I'd probably react in a not-so-kind way. Ugh.

On Saturday, we got some much needed heat relief and spent the day in the city. It was a scorching 106 in Sacramento. Walking in 70 degree weather was such a welcoming relief to us.

We headed to the city to check out the Renegade Craft Fair. I was anticipating this fair for months. I'm an avid Etsy fanatic and so seeing booths that displayed products that are normally featured in Etsy made my heart pitter patter.

I gave myself a budget of $60. Spent that money really quick as most items were $20 and up. I think there was one item that I saw that was $8 and that was a cute vinyl wallet. I nearly purchased it, but came to reality and didn't get it. I didn't need another wallet.

What I did purchase was a screenprint that I think would look so cute in my downstairs bano. $20.

And, I couldn't resist not taking home this adorable handmade handbag. Holly Hua is the name of the artist and she didn't make it easy for me to choose which handbag to snag. $40.

Other things that appealed to me were these button earrings. Cute, no? They were $18 each. I nearly bought a pair, but then I decided to pass on them because I could probably get something like it at oh, I don't know, *cough* Forever 21 for half the price.

Oh, and these coin purses were screaming at me. Looking at these, really made me wish I payed more attention in my junior high home economics class.

I really wanted a beige handbag, but by the time I found, " the one," I already spent my $60. Boo. It didn't help that the hubby was right behind me reminding me that I did, too! F.

I thought these t-shirts were quirky, yet funny. Sadly, the hubs' style in t-shirts are not these. His style are hawaiian tshirts from the Hawaiian Island Creations shop, aka HIC.

or, anything Cal.

I wanted him to buy the shirt that said, " I got my taco from the taco truck in Los Angeles." Heh. Stupid, I know, but I it made me smile.

I really wanted these Anthropoligie'ish necklace holder. Adorable, yes? Looks like it could be something I could possibly recreate. Must get the BFF involved as she is a DIY'er professional.

Lastly, I loved, loved, loved these fabric necklaces.

I can't wait to attend this fair next year. Maybe I'll save up for it so that I can buy more stuff. Haha.

It's definitely a fair you guys should check out if it ever comes to your city or a city near you. It's so much fun and the vendors are so friendly. They are always chattin' it up!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why, Hello There!

Sorry for the drop in blogging. I suspect it has to do with paying more attention to my running blog over at eblogger. I just can't handle managing two blogs at the same time. It's insane!!

But, I finally found the time to sit down and pay attention to both. Woohoo. Coffee is my #1 drug this morning, that's why.

Here's what I've been up to.

Got my hair did by a new hair stylist. I've been on the search to find a stylist in the Sacramento area. I think I've pretty much tried a handful in the trendy midtown area, thus far and I think I've finally found her.

The salon is called AJF salon and the stylist I went with is Carrie. She came highly recommend by two of my coworkers who have the most gorgeous haircuts. A plus is that if it's your first time visiting the salon, you get a 25% discount. Sawwweeet, right?

We got to spend some time with some good friends we haven't seen in weeks. Got to see wingwoman's lovely "ring" in person. Sooo happy for her and ofcourse the Pharmacist and I can't wait to spend your day with you in Italy next year.

It's going to be yet another fun destination wedding just like the T's on the Big Island a few years ago.

The 4th of July was great. Spent it with the fam-bam at the parental's house, courtesy of moi. My family can be undecisive at times and just couldn't figure out what to do. Me being the social butterfly suggested having a bbq at my parents house since their house location is midway for everyone. Soooo, bbq it was!

My contribution were these lovely jalopeno filled with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon thanks to the Pioneer Woman Cooks and a lovely cilantro corn salad that I haven't made in ions! I used to make this salad back in my college days when we would hold bbq's up the galore during the summer months.

Ever since my sorority sister, The Chef, introduced it to me, I always kept it as one of my go-to recipes for bbq's. It's really a great salad to bring if any of you guys need something a bit different from the average cole slaw salad.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Overdue Weekend Roundup.

Had me some girl time this past weekend. Long overdue. Was in dire need of some estrogen and people outside of work. I do enjoy my coworkers, but I feel as though I spend too much time with them (hello, 12 hours!). Need a break from the chaos.

We finally were able to set upon a date that amazingly didn't take too long to coordinate. Phew! Work, Family, and other social events have filled up our calendars throughout the summer months. Well, not mines, but everyone else's. I have no life. Heh.

Wanted to re-create the little tea shindig we had at a tea place and since a couple of the girls hadn't seen my new digs, it was held at my house. Fact: It was a blazing 100+ degree's outside. Call us insane for drinking hot tea. Problem solved by cranking up the AC.

I have to say that our little tea shindig went really well. A few of us are or starting to get into loose tea leaves, thanks to Bernbaby. We had an array of tea's to choose from. My favorite being a Black Tea with Lychee! Can I say yummm??? We also had Apricot, Bourbon with Vanilla, and Strawberry-Lemonade.

Our shindig also gave us the chance to meet each other's newest addition's. So stinkin' cute, no?

That night, the hubs and I watched The Hangover. We enjoyed it very much. So much, that I think my abdominal muscles were sore the next day from laughing so much and hard. Seriously, I was stretching the next two days. Ofcourse, we were excited to see Dr. Ken as always. Was a bit taken aback by his ahem, initial scene, but nevertheless, it was funny.

Sunday, we made a little trip to REI. Felt so "naturistic" and "outdoosey" the moment we pulled into the parking lot. Felt like I should have worn some teava's or keen's. Heh. Anyways, needed to stock up on some running gear and a little backpack for our little Maddie. We are taking a camping trip with some friends next month and I wanted to get her something for our hikes and such.

The pack comes in red or blue and being the die hard Cal fan he is, the hubs did not want to get our little girl Stanford red. Dam. Whatevs. Blue it was.

Man, when we put that pack on, she had this crazed look on her face. No lie! It's like she was saying, wtf? You want me to carry my shiz and YOUR shiz???? Seriously, look at her eyes. Crazy!!!!