Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Basics.

The hubs and I are about to move into our new home within the next month and we are having to basically start from scratch. This is our first time living together after dating for 10 years and so between the both of us, we don't have any furniture. Nada. Zip. Zero. Its kinda funny and it's kinda not.

Over the weekend, we went to look at various furniture stores such as RC Willey, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, West Elm and this cool ass store that houses Costco's overstocked items, Stupid Prices.

We had no intentions of purchasing anything really. Just to look and see what's out there. But, rather spontaneously, we bought two big ticket items for our house. Hence, the title, " The Basics." We basically purchased two items that we are in dire need of: a couch and a mattress/bed frame.

I can't wait to receive our new mattress and be whisked away into a dreamy sleep. Right now, I wake up with the feeling of soreness from our current mattress. I absolutely hate it! But, I'm going to have bare with it for another month or so.

We purchased the Four Seasons Spring Air Opera Plush mattress in a Cal King, no less. Hecka big, man. But, since the sale price was as much as the King size, we said, the heck with it and got a Cal King. Not sure if I can handle such a big bed. Hah! We knew that we wanted a "hotel" bed as we absolutely love how comfortable hotel beds are. Initially, we were just going to spring for either the Westin or one of the Marriott hotel beds, but unfortunately, you aren't able to actually see them in person as they soley sell them online. I'm a see in person kind of gal.

We also purchased our bed frame at West Elm. Haven't decided on a headboard yet as we really didn't find anything that we absolutely loved and would like to have for the next 100 years, so, we just settled on buying the frame for now. Love how West Elm offers an additional 10% for first time home buyers! Here's my review on Yelp. Since I'm on the subject of West Elm, I'm kinda diggin' these animal print shower curtains. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

We also got to buy our couch, too! We got a sectional couch for our great room and I'm very pleased with it. I can't believe how much we got it for at Stupid Prices. It was such a steal of a price that it's blasphemy! As much as we wanted it in the brown color, we decided on the Latte because the brown would have been too dark.

Now, after all this shopping over the weekend, we are officially broke. Hahahah. Will be eating ramen for some time now.

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