Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Officially Summer!

Not sure what is up with these days. I've never really been one to get pedi's often. It's usually for a special occassion. But lately, these past couple of months, I've been getting them like, every 2-3 weeks and that is no bueno for my bank account. 

What can I say though? I'm addicted. My recent color is OPI's, " Don't be Koi With me" and I am absolutely smitten by it. 

At first, I thought it made my skin color look rather dark and for some odd reason, I kept thinking of the WHAM! video, " Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go". The video had all sorts of neon colors and some even glowed in the dark. But that thought was abruptly stopped when my girlfriend had no clue what I was talking about. She's 24. I'm 34. Need I say more?!? Le Sigh. I feel old. 

Anyways, going back to the color. It's my first time to ever go bright which means to me that it's officially summer according to my toes! Please excuse the extremely large pores on my legs. I need to shave!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sirius Dog Shopping.

At the SPCA Doggy Dash there were tons of doggy vendor booths. I try to get as many samples as I can and save my pennies, but at this one particular vendor, I just couldn't resist. 

The vendor is called Sirius Republic. They have the cutest, well in my opinion, wide width buckle collars. They come in all sorts of pretty designs and they are handcrafted with cotton fabric and nylon webbing.  I couldn't decide which one to purchase for Maddie. Ugh, decision, decisions! 

In the end, I ended up purchasing the Purple Bloom collar that looks simply marvelous on her. It kinda makes her look like an Etsy dog, yes? Hehe.


You Say Tomato, I Say Tomatoe.

This is my first year to grow tomatoes and basil on my own. I decided to plant them in pots since our yard is landscaped and I didn't want to mess up our drip system by digging a big ass hole in the ground. Heck, I haven't a slightest clue where our drip system runs through. Shows how much managing I did when we had our backyard landscaped, yes?

In the beginning of my tomato growing process, I was a bit scared because our weather has been acting funky. I planted them in April and since then, we experienced cold mornings causing some of my leaves to kinda look all funky. Like, they sorta look like experienced some "freezing", yet I'm not entirely sure as to what frozen leaves look like. 

But, thankfully, our weather bounced back to good ole' sunny sunshine and my tomato plants and heck, even my basil plant that I thought was dying on me look great! 

Right now, I have this ONE cherry tomato that is a rich red. I think it's time to pick it, but I don't want to because, well, it's just ONE FREAKIN' TOMATO!!!! Ugh. Why can't they all just harvest at the same time?!? 

 Here's my basil plant that I seriously thought I killed it as soon as I planted it. It was looking so blah and to think that in the description it said that it's a "tough" plant. After reading that and after seeing what my basil plant looked like, I didn't think I was cut out for this planting business. But, I decided to repot it with Miracle Grow and water it more, and viola, it bloomed. Now, to google if having flowers on a basil plant is toxic or not?

Here's my Beefsteak Tomato plant that a friend shared with me. So excited for these to start growing so that I don't have to go to the Farmer's Market. I'm sorry, but the FM's vine ripe tomatoes are bank! 

Have any of you guys grown some vegetables this summer? Any tips you can give this newbie?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Festivities.

I had a nice surprise to come home from work  on Thursday morning. Husband declared that the sewage backed up at his work, and so, he didn't have to go in because they closed the entire building. Yippee, Skippy!!! I love it when the husband is off on weekdays especially on weekdays that I'm off! It got way better because when we got home that evening, the office called again to say that he has Friday off too as the cleanup is still being worked on! 

You would think that we would take off somewhere. But, we pretty much stayed local and hung out. Ran errands, ate BBQ, and watched the Celtics game, (HAH!). 

The weekend was a different story as we were on the go, go, go! We went to the SPCA Doggy Dash on Saturday morning. This was our 2nd time participating in the event as we had tons of fun last year. Lots of smiling dogs, happy people, beautiful day, and lots of walking, walking, walking. 

Here's a pictures before taking off to the Doggy Dash.  She has NO IDEA how much fun she's going to have in the next 30 minutes.

As we were walking towards the event area, Maddie was extremely excited. Like, really, excited! She kept crying as we were approaching the area because she saw so many dogs ahead of her. She just wanted to play! 

When it came time to walk around the park, she finally settled down a bit, which we blamed on her being a wee bit of tired. There were all kinds of dogs in sizes. From the itty bitty's to the medium sized, to the extreme large dogs like the Great Dane's! 

We were pretty much walking in sync with this oh-so-cute basset hound, but he paid no attention to Maddie. Poor Maddie. =( 

There were dogs in strollers. 

There were dogs dressed up in tu-tu's!

 We strolled through the area of breed specific rescue booths. Just had to snap up this picture of the greyhounds. I can't help but wonder if they would kick my ass if I ran with them. 

Our weekend was jam packed with the addition of celebrating a friend's 40th birthday and another friend's 40th/graduation from Neurosurgery residency at Stanford, we are totally spent! How was your weekend?