Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tis' the Seasons....

This week is very exciting for many as it's the season premiere's of their favorite shows. On Monday, I made a deal with the hubby to watch the Season Premiere of Heroes with him not knowing that it was 2 {freakin'}hours long. {Oh My!}I tried really hard to get into it, especially during the last hour, but just couldn't. I blame it on not knowing the history of each character and especially not seeing previous episodes---like the first episode to know what the hell is going on. I've concluded it's way too geeky for me. Reminded me of a comic book series kind a show. Oh wells, I tried, right?

Now, it's my turn for my Season Premiere--Grey's Anatomy. I'm so uberly excited, I really can't contain myself. So glad that I inadvertently agreed to work this past Sunday night in order to be charge and have Thursday off. The angels from above must have known that I would have
sorely regretted to have been working on a Season Premiere of Grey's Anatomy. Thank the Lord.

I'm so scared and anticipating to see and hear what is going to happen tween' RN Rose and McDreamy. Shoot, did you guys hear the line she throws at him in the sneak preview? " I'm pregnant!" Holy Moly Mother of Cow. I hope to God that she's not preggers because yes, I'm a McDreamy + Meredith fan. Have been and always will.

In other news, I'm so over being the owner of my Mini. As ad
orable as it is, this year has been so expensive for me and that car. Just when I think I've fixed one item, another thing sparks up. It's so frustrating. Two days ago, my " Check Engine Soon," light came on. So out of nowwhere. So, I'm having to bring it to the dealer {again} and probably gonna have to pay an arm + leg in order for them to probably just tighten some bolts somewhere. Freakin' A.


Lisa Mani-Chang said...

Sorry to hear about your car. =(

Funny reading your blog today because I'm watching the Heroes season premire right now. Hehe...

Emiline said...

That's too bad about your car. It's cute though.

I'm excited about Thursday night tv, too! The Office! Yayyy.

I don't think I'd like Heroes.