Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sandwich of the Week!

The hubs and I are pretty into eating gourmet sandwiches. When we started using our panini presser, we used it for days. We would think of various ways to make a mean tasting grilled cheese sandwich. Experimented with pears, various cheeses, breads. You name it. I think we narrowed our choices of bread to ciabatta and sourdough exclusively.

A few week ago, we were wondering what to have for dinner that evening. I had a plan of just making lasagna, but honestly, we weren't really feeling lasagna that night. When we saw Giada's, pork and fontina cheese sandwiches that afternoon, I think we both knew what we wanted for dinner.
Not your best picture. Darn iPhone doesn't have a flash. But, dammit, this sandwich was absolutely-finger-lickin-smack-your-lips- delicious!

The lemon and basil aoili added a refreshing and kick to the sandwich. I think that was pretty the main star of the sandwich besides the soft texture of the ciabatta bread. Oh, and the creaminess of the fontina cheese. Perfect blend, I tell yah!

I highly suggest you try this sandwich out the next time you are wondering what it is to eat for dinner or even lunch! It's super easy and cheap, too!

I got banged!

I finally bit the bullet and got bangs! I've been eyeing this bang trend for quite some time now and ultimately decided to dive into it with no reservations. A bit nervous? Hell Yes! A bit excited? More than you can ever imagine. I love changes. There's something about it that makes my adrenaline pump out like crazy and inspire me to try new things even more or to help me battle my security blanket insecurities.

During the "cutting" I had to keep my eyes closed as my hairstylist shears were close to my eyes. During this time, I was thinking, Did I make the wrong decision? I don't think I have the right size forehead for bangs. F. F. F. F. F

Finally, I opened my eyes and exclaimed, quite loudly, " OH MY GOD, I LOOK HELLA ASIAN!"

Poor hairstylist had to stop and laugh and honestly didn't know if that was a good or bad statement. I laughingly told her that yes, it's a good statement. I dig the new look. I look like a whole new person. A whole different ethnic person, mind you! ha ha. But, it's all good and I'm loving the new change.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Decorating the Walls.

I'm really picky when it comes to purchasing pictures for our walls. I have to have that feeling of " this is the one." I know, weird, right? I saw a picture that I got all giddy for at and had that feeling. But, I knew that I needed to first check it out in person.

I learned my lesson last week when I saw the sunburst mirror pictured in the Young House Love mood board for one of their clients. It's item number 7. Cute, yes? On sale for $39.99, too!

I headed over to Pier 1 Imports to check out the mirror and was sorely disappointed. I thought it was a wood mirror and it turned out to be a iron metal mirror. I also thought it would be much much bigger in person. Rather, it was a small mirror. Boo. I had my heart set on it too! I knew it was too good to be true.

So, you can see how I was cautious when it came to checking out the picture that I got all giddy for at Target.

Well, today, I finally got a chance to visit my local Target and low n' behold they had the picture!!!! Meant to be? Maybe. There was only one left. The size wasn't too bad at all. It was a pretty descent size, too! I heart it! I still had the giddy feelings!

So, I took it home with me and now it's sitting on a wall between our laundry room and our kitchen pantry. What I fell in love with was the message. " Share a Random Moment."

I'm now eyeing the set of 4 convex mirrors at Target. The price isn't too shabby either. $29.99.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Feels like October is just flying by. I can't believe it's already mid month. It probably has alot to do with so many events going on this month. Lots of birthdays, a wedding, a marathon, landscapers, etc. The list is endless!

So far, I celebrated the hubby's birthday down in so cal. We had a dinner with close friends planned at Michael Mina's XIV that was a disappointment from the get go. If you are looking for a Vegas like social environment with "okay" tasting food and don't care about customer service than this is the place for you. But, if you prefer a dinner that is elegant, quiet and has GREAT food with excellent customer service, then pass on this establishment. Trust me.

Going to Disneyland that weekend did make up for the disastrous birthday dinner though. Love to have friends that get in places for free! Thank you Ediboo for using your work benefits. I couldn't pass up on the Mickey bling. When I saw people walking around with headbands, I said, " I could sport those!" Plus, Ediboo gets 30% off the merchandise, so I took full advantage!

Disneyland was all decked out for Halloween. Haunted house was already decorated with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme, too! I've seen it before, but it's always nice to go through it again, despite the 60 minute wait time. Yes, 60 minute wait time and that was at alot of the popular rides. Space Mountain was 90 minutes.

Shopping for a costume as I'm attending a costume party for one of my coworkers/friend's birthday bash. I'm thinking of doing the whole slutty girl scout girl. If only I bought some girl scout cookies though so that I could use the cookies as a prop to make myself look more legit. Hah. Are any of you getting dressed up for Halloween?