Thursday, March 26, 2009

I fell off the bandwagon.

My friends totally tease me because I am known to wear strapless tops all the freakin' time. I mean, allllllllllllllll the freakin' time. Not sometimes. I can't help it. I'm just attracted to strapless tops + dresses soley. I've tried wearing other types of tops, but I just don't feel as comfortable in them. I feel so constricted. So imprisoned. So blah. You feel me?

I never really thought that my friends would catch on to my, ahem, obsession. Boy, was I sorely wrong. It was not until my friend yelled out. No wait. exclaimed, " Tube Top!" that the jig was up. Dam. I heart strapless tops, too!

So each time I saw them, I made a conscious effort to NOT wear any strapless tops or dresses around them. It was hard because, frankly, I didn't have many tops that weren't strapless. Ugh.

I tried really hard. I really did. I even tried to purchase tops that weren't strapless. But, folks, it seems like my "trying" is once again a dud. I think I've fallen off the bandwagon.

I've purchase a dress for an upcoming wedding and it's....strapless. F. I know, I know. I've failed. Luckily, the group of friends that call me out on my strapless obsession will not be attending this weddng, so there! It doesn't count, right? Heh.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Little Birdie told me.

Do you Twitter? I have to admit, that I recently joined Twitter for the sole reason of celebrities Twittering and that it was probably my only best way in getting as close to them as I wanted, err, I mean, they wanted me to be.

But, sadly, when I joined, I thought it was pure boredom. Maybe, it's because I don't really have that many friends on Twitter; they are mostly Facebook. Hence, the word fun is eh.

I saw this and now my mind if fiending once again to give Twittering a shot once more! In case you are wondering. Ashton Kutcher frequently Twitters, as well as his cougar wifey, Demi Moore.

Ashton recently took a picture of his wifey. He posted it yesterday, saying, " shhh, don't tell wifey."

Thought I'd share a recipe that I've used several times so far. I've never really been a fan of fried rice. It mostly has to do with my father making it nearly every weekend. Gah. So, I pretty much got sick of fried rice and could never understand why so many peeps be digging it.

But, I moved out.....and I started craving it. I was craving spam fried rice and was looking for a good recipe for it. Found it! Ironically, it's called the " Absolutely the Best Spam Fried Rice Recipe." It has a sorta sweet taste to it because of the shoyu like sauce that is added in it. You can pretty much use any meat if you don't really care for Spam. How could you not though? Hah. Love Spam, dude.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Head Bling.

Maybe its just that I haven't found the " right" headband for my head. I admire headbands from afar. But, when I put one on, I feel so silly in them. Perhaps, I'm not putting them on correctly. But, I still have hope and know that someday, I'll find the " one" and be sporting one like no other.

Stretch Lace Headband by GarlandsOfGrace.
So adorable, huh? It's so delicate looking.

Saucer Tree Headband.

Blazing Star Headband.

Friday, March 20, 2009

So Many Thoughts....

So many thoughts running through my head right now. I truly do wonder if I have ADD like some people say I do.

Thought {1} Will be participating in the 2009 Women's Nike Marathon in San Francisco. So excited. So anxious. Its not until October, but heck, I don't care. I know it'll come by so fast and I'll be hurrying up trying to get a run in to the very last minute. Looks like October will be a very busy month for me as the weekend before it's the hubby's birthday + a relative's wedding. Yowzers!

Will be registering for a local marathon that takes place in May. Why the sudden registering of marathons? I blame my lovely BFF coworker, " No Fear."We got each other back into running again. I love it! Love it! Love it!

Thought {2} Why the heck is heartworm medication so freakin' expensive? I swear, I don't remember a dog being so costly. We just bought Maddie 6 months worth of Sentinel heartworm meds and it was close to $100! WTH? We inquired about a prescription so that we could go online onto those pet discount websites, but the vet discouraged us from going there as they don't know how and where the medication came from, blah blah blah. Ugh, what do you guys think?

Speaking of which. Here's a little snippet of how much Maddie has grown.

Maddie profile pic at 2 months.

Maddie profile pic at 5 months.

Her head is ginormous, huh? Riiiight! She's a whopping 40+ pounds but she's still small enough to fit in my Mini. HAH.

Thought {3} Went gaga over this print featured on Creature Comforts. I was secretly hoping that the link posted would take me to Etsy, but needless to say, it didn't. The creator is Lisa Jones and she has lots of other cutie pie prints. I just wish that it wasn't in pounds. The print would be $90 sans shipping to order. Poop!

In the meantime, I'll just go back to living within my means and drool over this print instead by Blu Lima on Etsy. I think I know the perfect, yes perfect, place to put this print in my kitchen.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Feel a Need to fill in the GAP.

Loving Gap's Spring Line. Then again, I'm just an addict for all things Spring. If I could, I would wear my sandals every stinkin' day of my life. I get all confused as to what to wear when it rains. Coupled with claustrophobic in my sweaters and boots. Hate feeling constricted. It just blows.

These made me smile today.

Pom Pom Dress. $69.50. It comes in Cocoa, too!

Oversize Canvas Tote. Comes in a variety of colors. Particularly loving the white and the eggplanty color.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Recap.

Had a wonderful weekend with the hubs + Maddie. We went to the Cobbs Comedy Corner in SF to see the Kims of Comedy. The hubs has been to this show multiple of times and always talks about it. So, I was excited to see this show, especially because it has Dr. Ken in it.

Dr. Ken is one of Gordon's fraternity brother/friend's brother in law. I finally got to meet him after the show and gosh he is uber nice. He gave me a family style kiss on the cheek when I met him. Not those biznatch greetings with a handshake. If we didn't have the drive home, I would have loved to have drinks with him and his Kim buddies at the bar.

We got to finally make the Peruvian dish, Lomo Saltado. I remember reading about this dish from Too Old for Pink. It was pretty darn good and is a staple in our casa, that's for sure! Finished it off with Dreyer's Girl Scout Cookies ( slow churned) Thin Mint Ice Cream. Didn't know they had such a thing!!!!!! Since, I didn't get a chance to purchase Girl Scout cookies this year and thin mints is one of my fave's, this was the perfect item---ice cream + thin mints. Who could ask for anything more?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paragraph(s) Update.

Been away making the money to survive and I finally got a couple of days to rest and recuperate before I go back again for another couple of nights.

Meeting with the tax girl this weekend. The dreaded tax time has once again popped up. I'm feeling a little bit more positive though this year. Thanks, Obama for the $7,500 first time house credit! I'm hoping it'll help us out tremendously.

The Coops is broke once again. Her arm, aka the right side passenger seat window, will not go down or up. So, she's back to the doctors this Friday along with her annual inspection. Gonna cost me a grip, but am not surprised though. She's German.

Brought Maddie out for the first time. She made her grand debut in Berkeley on one of our favorite streets to chill--4th Street. Was a proud mommy because she was well behaved. Leash walking, not to proud. She needs work on that, but it wasn't terribly bad for her first time out and about. Lots of people were just walking by petting her and she just gobbelled all the attention. What an attention whore!

Needed to purchase some poppy colored A2 envelopes for the BFF's shower invitations. Hence the visit to 4th Street. I'd like to include her favorite color in here somewhere. Now. I just need to find the perfect orange/white polka date paper so that I can line them.

Saw a diy cupcake stand link from PetiteMandoo {Thanks for the link!} and am thinking about taking a shot at it for the BFF's shower. May be getting her cupcakes for her shower and thought this would be a nice touch.

Making chicken parmsesan for dinner after seeing it on blogs.

This one is a bit more healthier as it's not fried, it's baked and with panko crumbs! Hmmm, can't wait!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm so in love with parenthesis these days. It just makes the wording all the more prettier. Stumped upon these dreamy invitations while perusing Style Me Pretty {yes, I still look at wedding blogs}.
They are made by Milkmaid Press. Its part of their new invitation line called Pearl.

Been eyeing this modular chalkboard at Pottery Barn. It would look absolutely perfect in my dining area. I'm trying to convince the hubs that it really would. Sadly, all I get is a nod of a yes and no voice recognition of " let's get it, honey!"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The New Wave in Technology.

The BFF and her Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn of a boyfriend {they've been dating for nearly 13 years!} have been talking about wanting that crazy white device called a Kindle. I last heard of this device on the Oprah Winfrey show to which she raged about it being of her must have items and to which I just turned my nose the other way---was not interested.

Or so I thought.

You see, I can be easily swayed into things once people start talking about it......alot! It gets me all curious and shiz. Don't know why and I hate freakin' hate that aspect about me. That's how I got turned onto the iPhone!

Anyways, found out yesterday a way to satisfy my semi craving of a Kindle. Our wedding photographer, Scott Robert, posted a link on his Facebook {of all places!} about downloading an iPhone application for free to upload Kindle books and be able to read those books on your iPhone. Say What? For Reals? No Shiz.

Uploaded the application asap and bought my first electronic book. Was kinda excited and scared at the same time. Wondered if someone was going to hack into my info via phone and identify theft me.

I purchased a book that I've been wanting to read but didn't want to spend a ton of money on nor did I want to have it collect dust on my bookshelf. You feel me? I got the Tori Spelling autobiography book, sTori Telling. HAH!

So far, I'm loving the book. She's funny and it's such a page turner. But, I love hearing about rich celebrity lives anyways, so I kinda had a instinct that I'd love it. Yeah, I'm intelligent that way. But, I"m not sure if I like holding a device in my hand and just staring a a screen. I miss holding the actualy book in my hand, smelling the pages as I turn them and most of all not worrying if my battery was going to konk out on me while reading it. Oh, I miss having a bookmark in my page to save my place! Muy importante detail, right?

I think my verdict is that I'll use this way to purchase books that I've been wanting to read but don't want to keep. I think. Who know? I may just completely turn onto the idea of this electronic reading and purchase a Kindle someday. Maybe when they work all the kinks out as it just came out....or when they get nice colors...coz you know that's what an electronic does when they've reached their peak, right?

On another note, been wondering about my love dubb Maddie + her sanity when alone. Noticed that she's whines BIG time when the hubby leaves for work or one of us just leaves the room for a bit and she's stuck. Ugh. Wonder if she's the type of dog that would destroy every single item in our house because she's freakin' pissed off. For you dog owners, how old did you start leaving your dog alone roaming in the house?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How I spent my last day off.

Spent QT time with the BFF. We decided to watch the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Was planning on watching it with the hubs, but opted instead to see it with the BFF as it is truly a girl to girl movie. Best decision ever! Loved it. My heart is with Luke Brandon.

Note to self: Will name my first born son after the name Luke.

Been looking for a dishwasher magnet that allows us to state if it's clean or dirty. There's been a couple of times where I've was
hed the dishes and the hubs had already ran it. Doh! Does this ever happen with you?

Decided that I probably can make my own. Thought that Etsy would have some cute magnet finds, but sadly, none. They literally looked handmade and I just couldn't pay a hefty price for that.

Received BFF's baby shower invites and they are as cute in person as they were online. Cannot wait! Definitely going to pair them with an orange envelope with some pretty liners. Ooooh, it's wedding planning all over again. Love it!

Saw these on sale at Paper-Source for 1/2 off-HELLO!!!! We may be doing a candy bar as her party favors and we need something to hold them. Still have to look around.......

Back to work tomorrow and the next four nights, so my blogging may go down for the next few days or so.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I had to stop and stare when I saw this posted on Impulsive Buy's blog. For reals? Asian-Freakin' Hamburger-Helper. While, I have no qualms about Hamburger Helper. By all means, I love it. It got me through college, a whole lot, but this? I have no words. He gave it 6 out of 10. Would you try this?

Making for the 2nd time, Pioneer Woman's pasta carbonara. I looooved it the first time. Cept' I think I'll pass on the parsley. Don't know why many chefs says that it's an underrated herb, but honestly, I think it tastes bitter. Perhaps, I'm not cutting it tiny enough?

It's such an easy breezy recipe and full proof too! You can't go wrong. I promise.

I was a Bachelor addict during the first couple of seasons, but stopped watching it. I wished though, that I watched this latest season as there was major danger drama. Woah. Talk about dissed on national tv. " What a bastard!" --I quote.

Plans for my last day off: It's a girls day! Getting mani + pedi's and finally, getting to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with some of my girls.

This + That.

Been meaning to seriously, for reals this time, to gather up all of my mailing addresses of friends and family and have it in one spot. Right now, I'm using the pdf.file that I have saved in my computer from our wedding guest list. Can't imagine what I would do if something bad were to happen with my computer. No freakin' back up whatsoever.

A Rolodex came to mind. Saw these cute Rolodex inspired products at Etsy. Comes in different panels. Cute, no?

Started planning for BFF's baby shower. She chose these baby shower invites at She's quirky like that, so I'm not really surprised that she chose a screaming boy to be on her invite. Love the color combo's. But, wondering if the pink will be mistaken by some as though she is having a baby girl. What do you think? Contrasting it with her favorite color, orange. May do an orange envelope or an orange mailing label.

Already am perusing the Etsy boards for some cute baby finds for her. So far, I'm lovin' this polka dot + bird bib by BeanPickleSprout.

Wondering if Simon Van Kempen is gay. Husband to Alex on the boring Real Housewives of New York. Why is this show still on? The housewives are not interesting to me at all. But, I do crack up each time I see Alex and her husband Simon interact. WTF?