Friday, September 26, 2008

Answer to the designer jeans.

Remember when having a pair of designer jeans was THE item of clothing to have? It still is, but it seems as though the hype has died down a bit. Having designer jeans that is. Phew. Thank goodness because my wallet was starting to break. But, jeans in general, designer or no designer have become a big fashion commodity to have. There are all kinds of jeans available for all sorts of occasions.

Glamour magazine recently came out with the most flattering jean styles. One of them was the " Flirt" jeans from Old Navy. Now, I've never really been a fan of Old Navy jeans. Particularly because they would fit {me} just okay. But, I never gave up on them. Never. I'm sure glad that I didn't because their "Flirt" jeans are awesome. I love the way they fit as the waist isn't low and I can sit without worrying about my derrier crack showing. I also love that they have a stretch material so that I can eat and not feel like a fatty afterwads. Most of all, I like how they slim my your legs. Right now, they are on sale for $25, regularly $29.

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