Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a fantabulous weekend.

Had a fun-filled weekend that was packed with nothing but laughs, beer, rieslings, and great friends. It's been awhile since I had quite the weekend like this and it reminds me of what great friends the hubs and I are blessed to have in our lives. No really. This is a subject him and I talk about whole lot.

What started off as a "date night" with the hubs and I, turned into a double date night with none other than PharmD and wingwoman! Yay! We love wining and dining with this couple as we are able to engage in very intellectual conversations. But, I can't help but bring in my own conversations such as what's going on The Hills show or my newly discovered favorite show, The Rachel Zoe project. Luckily, for me, I don't receive any ill judgment from any of them. Phew!

We brought them to one of our favorite restaurants in Berkeley called, A-Cote. It's a small plates type of restaurants and if you haven't gone yet, I suggest that you do. I love the ambiance and intimate setting the restaurant offers which is dark lighting with candles everywhere.

The next day we celebrated my cousins 15th birthday at a local ice creamery. I just can't get over how fast she's grown and now she's a freshmen in highschool! It's an awful strange feeling to see someone newly born and watch them grow up and before you know it, they are full fledged adults such as my other cousin, pictured to the right.

That same night, we headed over to San Jose to watch Cheap Trick:: Heart:: Journey perform at the Shoreline. Great concert and I have to say that this is my first concert that I've ever been to that the singers sounded so fantastically good. They sounded just as if you were listening to their albums. Sick.


Diana Lyn said...

I'm jealous! Armando is going to see Earth, Wind, & Fire in Fresno next week (he works out there Sun-Thurs), so I'm soooo jealous! I've been wanting to see them for FOREVER!

Diana Lyn said...

Oh yea, I started getting into the RZP...I love it! I hate Taylor, though. She's such a bia.

I also like Tabitha's Salon Makeover...

And, of course, loyal viewer of The Hills since it started. I realllly hope that Heidi and Spencer break-up. That'd mean Heidi will (hopefully) get some sense knocked into her and be her normal self again and then be friends with Lauren again. LOL