Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Beet.

The hubs and I have recently made a tradition of going to the Farmer's Market every Sunday and purchasing our vegetables, fruits, and breads. So far, we have been able to stick with this tradition for the past couple of Sundays and I love it.

I feel so Alice Waters when I am using the fresh ingredients bought at the Farmeris Market. Recently, I made the most delicious Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread. All of the items were bought at the Farmer's Market sans the bacon. Although, I can purchase some bacon there, but it's a bit pricey. It's like $5.99. No thanks. I can get it on sale for $1.99.

It's very exciting for me (at least) to get up early, make my cup of coffee to bring with me, and see what kind of vegetable I can bring home that I've never tried cooking with before. Something that I would only eat at restaurant, but wouldn't have the courage to buy fresh and make something of it.

Last Sunday, we brought home fresh beets. They are quite a site to see in person. They have ginormous green leaves attached to them. It's unfortunate, that we have to chop them up and not use it. At least, I think we can't use them. Can we?

I didn't quite know how to cook these. I honestly thought we could just peel them and viola, we have beets! Not. It's a good thing I looked it up online because that's exactly what I would have done.

Turns out, you have to boil them for about an hour, just until you can stick a fork into them. Once you can, you take them and their skin easily comes off of them. Easy, but messy.

I plan on making a huge salad with these. I can't wait!

Now, that we go to the Farmers Market every Sunday, it got me re-thinking about subscribing to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that I blogged about. I find it more exciting to see what produce I can purchase in person. Plus, I'm still supporting the local farmers and not to mention, I can get homemade bread and cheeses from other vendors.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ain't No Thang But a Chicken Wing.

Huge News. BIG. Ginormous. OMG News.

Sorry, I can't help it. I'm just a person that hypes up stuff like this. I get a little bit too excited.

Background story.
We are huge Thomas Keller fans. We were blessed to eat at his French Laundry restaurants, not once, but twice. Back when the prices were a measly $100 and something? I think, it was. But still, it's relatively cheap compared to the over $200 a person it is now.

Stoked that he opened a casual dining restaurant called, Ad Hoc. The hubs and I have dined there several times so far. We even brought my dad there for his birthday. Unfortunately, my familia doesn't have a greater appreciation for food, especially fresh ingredients. They thought it was just okay to which I scoffed at. Whatevs. To each his own.

Getting to the good part. I swear.

Ad Hoc is highly known for their fried chicken dinners. They normally serve it every other Monday. Unfortunately, the one Monday that we dined there, it wasn't their Fried Chicken night. Slightly disappointed, yes, but we still have hopes of making it out there someday.

But, I may be able to try it sooner than I thought.

Williams Sonoma has partnered up with Thomas Keller and sells his fried chicken kit! Craaaaaaazy, I know. It retails for $14.95 which is way bigger steal of a price compared to his $49 3 course pre-fixe menu. But.... check it out.

there is brining involved, apparently. It takes about 8-12 hours. Perhaps, it's best that we just go to Ad Hoc instead.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Give me 2 seconds of bragging.....

Just received word that our wedding venue, Malibou Lake Mountain Club is going to be featured on TNT's new reality show, Wedding Day. We don't know exactly when the episode is suppose to air, but as soon as I know, believe me, I'll be putting that on blast for yah'll to see.

About the show: Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding. For many, it’s the most important and emotional day of their lives. But for some, insurmountable obstacles create barriers to making their dream day a reality. WEDDING DAY is here to prove that a girl doesn’t have to be rich to have a wedding fit for a princess. In this uplifting series, deserving couples from all over the United States will get a helping hand to ensure the most important day of their lives is also the most magical. Each week, celebrity event planner and food expert Alan Dunn (For Better or Worse) and celebrity wedding planner Diann Valentine (author of Weddings Valentine Style) host as family, friends and community come together to create a dream wedding. Along the way, viewers will learn each couple’s compelling story, from their first date to the big day.

We Got Nothin' But Love For Yah, Honey.

For the past 6 days, the hubs and I have been sleeping downstairs in our living room. Why?

Here's Why.

The post op instructions are to have no strenuous activity for 7-10 days. We have two flights of stairs in our house and we don't want to risk it and have something go wrong with Maddie. So, we are enduring back aches for our little puppy dog so that she will recover well. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Gawd, I miss my bed though. I can't wait until this is all over. Official spooning time with the bed takes place on June 20th.

On another note, for those of you that run, I've started a running blog, titled, A Modern Day Runner. I'm wanting to document my journey with running as well as bond with other runners. Plus, my Nike Half Marathon is creeping up close {4 months away} and I am starting to panic. I need to start hitting the pavement for longer than 6 mile runs now and get on a strict training schedule. Eeeek. The thought of that scares me, yet excites me at the same time because it's something new.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bur, Bur, Bur. Bur is the Word.

Totally blog worthy. I think.

I got in the mail a super, duper, adorable, make you want to scream OUT LOUD iPhone case. Okay, so I'm probably overhyping this thing up, but I can't help it. It's just too cute.

She's even got back. Oh yeah. Sexy thing, isn't she?

The Details: Purchased this online here.
Retails for $8.99. A heckuva lot cheaper than those rubbermaid thing-a-ma-bobs at the Apple store. Yes?

Peeped that they other cuties, but resisted the temptation to rescue them all.

Is There Such a Thing as a Dog Snob?

I can count the number of dog brand dry food on one had within a span of 7 months Maddie has gone through. I know. I know. I know what you all are already doing and saying after reading that sentence. Shame on me for changing up my puppy's diet so many times. Yeah, I know. I've read the literature and heard it from other dog owners. But, when your dog just isn't eating, you gots to do what you gots to do.

We started with Puppy Chow because her mother and siblings started off with that. I wasn't a happy camper feeding her this junk as the nutrient content was insane, so I got to split it with a bag of Science Diet her vet gave us for free on her first visit. She loooooved Science Diet, while I didn't. It was too much money for our wallet.

Then the husband's friend who is a vet, highly recommend Royal Canine which really didn't do much to our wallets either. That shiz could buy me a pair of shoes at the Nine West outlet! No lie! Yeah, she loved that too. Go figure.

So, we went the middle man route and got her a bag of Iams. Yeah, no. She grudgingly ate this stuff. Sometimes, she wouldn't eat all day until we reminded her to eat. So, we added some Kibbles n' Bits stuff that I felt guilty about because really, you mightest well throw in a cheeseburger into her meal because that's pretty much what it is. Ofcourse, she gobbled it all up. So, with the suggestion of my coworkers, I added chicken broth at times, some brown rice, even some chicken just to get her to eat her dam Iams food.

Scurry over to today. We just got sick and tired of it and bought her Science Diet and we are back to having a happy dog. She eats it on the dime. Whenever. Wherever. Jeez, I think we have a dog food snob on our hands.

By the way, Maddie was spayed on Thursday and I was a nervous wreck at work the night before and all day while waiting for her to be done. I felt so guilty. She's recovering well, thank goodness. I have to admit, her first day was really hard. She would cry silently to herself while lying down and all I could was just lay with her and pet her to calm her down. Poor baby.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mark Your Calendars!

Bust out the biggest sharpie to circle this weekend, turn up your alarm for this date. The Renegade Craft Fair is coming to San Francisco on July 18-19th. I've read so many cool things
about this fair and was so envious of the people that got to attend and peruse the many different products. Now, it's my turn to drool.

For those that absolutely have no clue what this fair is, here is the " abouts."

The Renegade Craft Fair is a unique DIY event held annually in Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles & San Francisco. RCF has gained a reputation over the last six years as being the biggest, best and the most well-known of all the DIY craft fairs out there. Each individual fair draws hundreds of applicants and tens of thousands of shoppers from all over the country and abroad! At RCF you’ll find all sorts of cool handmade stuff - including plush items, jewelry, posters + prints, craft kits, clothing, stationery + more.

The Renegade Craft Fair is one of the first events of its kind, getting its start in Chicago’s Wicker Park in 2003 and spreading like wildfire ever since! The first fair was 1 day and featured just 75 booths. The second fair was 2 days and showcased 125 crafters. In its third year, we went on the road and took over Brooklyn’s McCarren Park with 150 vendors - and eventually moving into historic McCarren Park Pool with 200 booths! In its fifth year, we traveled to the west coast and set-up shop in San Francisco. This year, we’re going on a little tour and heading south to Los Angeles too!

Today in 2009, each unique event features hundreds of the most talented craftsters nationally as well as from around the globe! Brooklyn’s event takes place at McCarren Park - this year along the paths of the track + field area. Chicago’s September event stretches down Division St. from Damen - Hermitage. San Francisco’s show takes place at scenic Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion, with sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. The 1st ever Los Angeles fair is slated to take place at the California Market Center, with 360 views of the city from the Penthouse. And our annual Holiday Sale is held in the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

The Renegade Craft Fair is organized by Sue Daly, whose a crafter herself, and designs jewelry under the name Timber! Her husband Mat Daly makes all of the posters for the events, always being sure to include the beloved owl mascot! The inspiration for RCF came when Sue wanted to take her jewelry-making hobby to the next level, and try selling her stuff at local art fairs. After looking into it a little, it quickly became apparent that there were no shows representing the DIY craft community, which already had a huge presence online. So, with a childhood friend the Renegade Craft Fair was started and provided an exciting, fresh venue for artists and shoppers alike.

See You There!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Facebook Relatives. Do You Have Any?

Seems like everybody and their mother is on Facebook these days. Like literally. Facebook is so much different from Myspace. It's census is opened up and has reached a variety people of ages, it seems, because I'm finding more and more "aunties" on my Facebook.

Still, at age 33 years old, I still find myself not wanting to add them for fear of having them see my life and reporting it to my parentals. Guess what? Well, I mightest well add all of my aunties now because my own father is on Facebook.

I guess it's kinda cool that his profile picture is of me and him walking down the aisle. Awww, right? But, it's just awkward to know that he's on Facebook and sees my days in and outs throughout my life. While, I have nothing to hide, except for the fact that I'm sometimes posting that I'm either drunk and/or cussing and dropping the F bombs. F, Speaking of which. F. Meh.

I took the initial step and asked him to be my " friend." Ironically, I'm on super stealth mode on FB. I can I have a public blog and be off the radar on FB? You can't even click on my name and partially see my profile.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yet Another Weekend Roundup.

I'm trying to not just do the Weekend Roundup, but with my work schedule these days, it's kinda hard to blog during the week. I'm hibernating when I'm working hoping to just get through them.

So, here I am blogging yet another weekend roundup. We finally had a semi relaxing weekend as we were able to just lounge in our pj's all day on Sunday.

Friday night, the hubs and I had a double date night with another couple. We watched Up in 3D. I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous because recently within the past few months, every time I watched a movie, I would get all hot and start to get nauseated. The last time it really got bad was when we watched Marley and Me. I had to leave the theatre for some fresh air. The smell of " Clinique Happy" was getting the best of me a little bit too much, unfortunately.

Thankfully, nothing crazy like that happened this time around. Phew! Because, I really wanted to see and enjoy this movie.

Saturday, we headed over to my hometown and partaked in the celebration of my niece's highschool graduation. Strange feeling it is to see someone born and watch her grow up into a beautiful young woman. I hear myself quote what I always heard from my aunts/uncles growing up and that is, " Gosh, I remember when you were so small....blah blah blah.... I feel old... blah blah, blah... Do you guys find yourself saying the same things???

Sunday morning, I spontaneously decided to check out the Farmer's Market nearby. I kept hearing from a couple of friends that it was a great Farmer's Market. Looking at the reviews on Yelp sealed the deal and off we went looking all toe'd up. But, I didn't care. I figured, everyone else was going to look toe'd up since it was early in the morning.

We bought an array of stuff. We even bought farm fresh eggs for the first time! That night, the hubs made some stir fry with the bok choy we purchased and it was yummmmay! We are definitely going to try to make this a Sunday tradition.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For the Love of Makeup.

I've always wondered what it felt and looked like to get your eyes permanently tattooed. My mamasita has been talking about wanting to do it, but she's so afraid that I don't think she ever will despite her BFF getting her eyebrows done and her hairstylist.

My friend/sorority sister, Autumn Wedding, recently had her eyes and eyebrows permanently tattooed and she documented her experience on her blog. I couldn't believe she took the plunge. Like she said in her blog, when you think of permanent makeup, you think of a fellow Aunt.

So far, I think she looks good. What I admire about it, is that you don't have to worry about any smearing after so many hours. I hate the way I look after a 12 hour night shift @ work.

I don't think I could do it though. I'm too chicken. Heck, when I got my tattoo in college, the employee had to give me a glucose pill because I was getting lightheaded. Pretty, sad, huh? So, I can't imagine getting my eyes tattooed and what pill they would have to give me.

In case you are wondering, I have a quarter sized, colored sunflower of a tattoo on the right side of my lower back, aka tramp stamp. Back in college, I was obsessed with sunflowers. So, it only seemed natural to get one. I don't regret getting a sunflower. I like sunflowers, but not as much as I did back then.

Do you plan on getting permanent makeup?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Will It Ever End?

We had yet another busy weekend. Chock full of activities, even Maddie was pooped out and she's a 7 month old puppy!

We kicked off by partaking in celebrating my little brother's 25th birthday celebration. Little did he know that this was 1 of 3 of his birthday events. Heh. I still can't believe he's a whopping twenty five. Where did all the time go?

I remember how I was so scared for him on his first day of starting a new highschool. He knew all but 3 people and those were good family friends. But, I guess, I underestimated him and he was able to make numerous amount of friends.

We lounged at Sofia which is a smooth Italian looking restaurant. I liked the feel it gave once you entered. You immediately wanted to sip on a cool drink for some odd reason. Weird what some restaurants may do to your senses.

His girlfriend, Miss_Ube, threw a surprise birthday dinner turned into masquerede theme party for him. While we didn't attend the masquerade party because we are old farties, we did dine with them.

Next day, we attended the SPCA Doggy Dash of Sacramento at William Land Park. I as well as Maddie were smiling from ear to ear as soon as we arrived. There were 3,000 dogs in attendance, both large and small and no fights, surprisngly. Lots of cool dog vendors.

At first, we were like, " slooooow down, Maddie, " as she kept pulling us on her harness. But, eventually, she calmed down and just enjoyed the day with the other dogs. She got to wear her first shirt. A bit snug, but she still looked like a pretty dog.

At night, we kicked it at the Sacramento Rivercats game, a minor Triple AAA baseball team for the Oakland A's, with some our friends whom we call the Dubyah Association. We all share the same last names, hence the association coupled with the fact that many Chinese have an association, so heck why not form our little own, right?

Unfortunately, I was belittled to sit behind a lovely pimply, long nail-greasy haired dude that had the words, " White Pride" tatooed on his forearms. F. Meh. It was pure entertainment watching him and his familia. Oh yeah.

Sunday, we yet again celebrated my little brother's birthday but among the family and his and my friends. I love how we can all mesh like that.

Got the most awesome looking cake at Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame, CA. It was awesome, because it had his freakin' image of him when he was 4 years old in a cowboy gettup. I'll have to post a picture of it soon, as I don't have an image on me. Grrr.

How was your weekend?