Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, what do you know?

I think it's kinda funny and I giggle when I think of how Angelina Jolie purposefully wore her blue Max Azria dress backwards to the SAG awards and makes plenty on the best dressed headlines. I swear, this lady seems to do no wrong. I just wonder, really, how Miss Aniston feels whenever stories like these pop up. Roll her eyes? Yes, I think so. I would too.

I got a surprise package in the mail the other day from one of my good friends-bridemaid. Oh, how I love getting special mail, don't you? Makes me sad how sometimes how our world has totally revolved around online shopping, bill paying, etc and it has affected our post offices. I crave getting pretty envelopes laced with stickers, glitter, something sometimes. Remember those days?

Ever since I began my wedding planning and introduced her to, she has been obsessed with that website. I don't blame her. She got me a knited neck scarf and a chic reusable bag. Ooooh, I could just cuddle with them both.

Excited for the upcoming weekend. Too many celebrations. Birthdays and Superbowls. So excited. So drunk. So gitty. So drunk. Hope everyone has a safe and sound weekend!

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