Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Guess I'm Getting Old.

It's been quite frustrating working with a couple of early twenty-something people lately. Very Frustrating. So frustrating that it has brought out my evil self at times and I often feel bad about it because it's really not a person of whom I'd like to be.

I wonder just how it feels to be so unmotivated and do the bare minimum every single day. Can't that get old after awhile? Won't they just hit rock bottom and just say to themselves, " I need to do something."

I swear, sometimes, I think there should be a minimum age for some people to join the workforce. Its tough working with people that just won't grow up and take shiz seriously.

On another note, This Young House posted Target's Home Decor event and man, am I blown away with their products. Target is really stepping it up these days.

My favorite item so far is this duvet cover. I have my eye on this bedding because it will totally go well with our nesting side tables that we recently purchased at Pottery Barn over winter break.

Speaking of which, they Pottery Barn came out with another set of nesting tables, only this time, they have glass tops. Dam, wonder if I should have waited.

I couldn't help but notice this 3 piece sectional for a cool price of $419 and it has a classic, yet modern look. Way better than Ikea, doncha' think?

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