Friday, January 16, 2009

Deals, Galore.

Where do begin. Shall I begin with Maddie? Got her a brand spanking new collar at the local Old Navy. So preppy. So Ken n' Barbie'ish. So Cute. Heck, if my wedding colors were pink and green, oh and had a preppy vibe going on, and I had a dog in my ceremony, I think this would be THE perfect collar for the dog. You can't really tell from the picture how it looks. But, it has big argyle blocks running through it with a green trim. So freakin' J.Crew, only it doesn't have the inflated J.Crew price slapped on it. I love it!

Saw this adorable tweed jacket while perusing the aisle at Old Navy. On sale for $27. But, dude. Got a HOT tip from the cashier lady and she told me all of their clearance items are going to be marked an additional 50% off starting, TODAY! So, I am going to snag, snag, snag this jacket for a whopping $13 and change. Uh-huh. Thank you very much!

Speaking of sweet deals. Oh my freakin' gawd. I could just freakin die right now. You all know how I've been drooling over the upholstered chairs at Pottery Barn right? But, I don't have the funds to plop down $500+ for a stinking chair. No freakin' way. Anywas, Target's new Home Decor Event line has some upholstered chairs that are nearly close to PB's chairs but at a fraction of the price. Thanks This Young House for the FYI. Now, if I can only decide on what color. Ugh. That's the hard part. I want them all!!!!

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