Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Start of a New Year.

I'm a bit late in wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but hey.... it's all good right? The hubs and I rang in 2009 in San Francisco at Jillian's. One of his friends' is a party promoter and was renting out this place that is normally a pool hall during the day for a NYE party. Unfortunately, we failed to bring our camera and so we had to bum off other people's camera. I'll just a post a picture that was taken years ago in LA.

The party was aiight. I've been to better parties. I think I was disappointed because the dj decides to play, Grease Lightening 2 minutes before the strike of 12. Great way in hyping up the crowd, huh? I thought the same thing.

Maddie is nearly 3 months old and she is growing so fast. Sometimes, I think she grows literally an inch or two on some nights. She's starting to be better at no
t pee'ing and poo'ing in the house. Actually, she hasn't pee'd or poo'd in the house for the past couple of weeks. But, she did pee in her bed a few days ago and we were sorely disappointed. We almost felt as though we were taking a step back just when we thought we were making progress. Oh wells. 

I've been back to running thanks to a bunch of coworker BFF, aka " No Fear". She's 
motivating me tremendously. I just discovered podcasts and have been downloading them like crazy. Yeah I know. I'm so late in the game when it comes to anything Apple related. My favorite so far is the 94.9 Wildworkouts at Noon. They are free and they are great mixes to go jogging to. That is, if you are into hip hop music. 

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