Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am so new to the Chinese culture. I literally just found out a few days ago from a Latina no less, that Chinese New Year or Lunar Year is on Monday, January 26th, which so happens to also be my mamasita's birthday, too! 

The hubs didn't really know either, which got my brain thinking
, " WTF?" Anyways, with learning this muy importante news, we headed over to the nearest  Asian market and bought ourselves a couple of packets of lai-see. The hubs was sticker shocked that we had to pay for the envelopes because he
 said businesses used to give out the envelopes for free. 

I have to admit that I was kinda giddy perusing the bins of envelopes. I wanted to get the girly purse ones for our nieces, but since it came in amount of 4, the hubs didn't want to get it. I find it odd that an Asian company would put in such a quantity especially for New Year's. 

In April, the hubs and are hopefully going to take our long awaited honeymoon. Sadly, it's not going to be in Thailand like we 
originally planned. Stupid house. LOL S
o, we are going to go to Hawaii since we will
be attending a wedding there. It will be our very first gay marriage we will be a part of. I can't wait! I just love this couple. They are just oodles of fun. 

They purchased the same cake toppers as us and I just jumped up and down with excitement when I first saw it. So freakin' adorable, I tell you, right? I just love their slippers!!!!!! 

Been crackin' up over the Christmas lotion I purchased at Bath n' Body
 Works. I bought the Peppermint Twist body lotion. That shiz just burns. Everytime I walked and felt a little wind, I'd get this " cool" and "minty" feeling rush pass me.  Word of caution when it comes to the Peppermint flavored body stuff. 

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