Monday, January 19, 2009

Reader Request?

I subscribe to the Fashion Under $100 blog. They certainly have some deals and replicate the high end designer clothing + accessories pretty well. Often times, the business where they find the products often times sell out of the products. I really wanted these Grey Mary Jane's for a awesome price of $18.00. But, they were out of freakin' stock.

Anyways, as I digress, I just can't believe that this was a reader request. Do you have the same reaction as me? It's Lady Gaga. She's the one with that starting to be annoying hit on the radio,
" Just Dance." I mean, c'mon...dude she has her hair in a bow. WTF? Besides, what's so special about her outfit anyways? You can find it easily at some Forever 21 store, right?

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