Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Red + White Day.

Okay. I have to admit it. I'm a sucker for the All American Hallmark holiday of the year: Valentine's Day. I love it and all its cheesy heart shaped products that are out there. Call me a sucker. A Lamo. A follower spending frivolous money on useless items. I don't care. I love this holiday. I do remember one year where I hated Valentine's day all because of an ex-boyfriend that I was trying so desperately to get over. That year, me and my single gf's wore black and celebrated with a night on the town. But, that was only that year and since them, V-day has been absolutely bliss, bliss, bliss!

This year, the hubs and I are dining on the actual Valentine's day at a restaurant called Taste. We usually try to avoid the crowds and the inflated prices by dining the day before, but since I have to work the night before {cough, stupid boss wouldn't give me the entire weekend off, cough}, we will be joining all the cheesy couples on Valentine's night wining and dining.

I've started a tradition these past couple of years by surprising my closest gf's and mailing them a little Valentine's present in the past. I'm on the search for the cutest + most affordable gift, so if you guys see anything, pass them items along to me. Me gusto mucho!

I'm also on the hunt for a little something for the hubs. Do you think he'd kill me if I bought him these bright red jammie's? HAH.

I can't help but smile when I see these pillowcases. Aren't they so cute???

Anyhoo, are you a Valentine fanatic, too?

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