Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My apologies. I've been in a blog rut. Unsure of what to talk about. Plus, I haven't been doing much besides the daily routines of life. Blah.

Decided to finally take the plunge and paint our guest room a hearty mean green. Starting to second guess my decision. It's too much of a pea in a pod. The color is called Chardonnay Bottle from the Martha Stewart collection at Lowe's.

I think I'm just used to looking at neutral colors such as brown, khaki, black, white, creams.

Gonna paint on a rectangle-squar'ish headboard in light of our recession. It's quite suttle. The headboard is. Which I absolutely love. I got the idea from a blog that I happen to stumble upon when I google the words, " painted rectangle headboard design sponge."

I wasn't quite able to give the hubs his Valentine's gift on V-day itself. So clumsy of me. I left his present out while I was away at a meeting. Smack dab in the kitchen on the counter top with the box open and recipe pouring out. Yeah, so he's using it now. Glad though. He's been needing a new laptop bag. I got him what is "supposedly" voted #1 laptop bag of the year. Never knew such an award existed, did you?

It's by a company called bbp. It's ergonomic which is the #1 reason why I got it for the hubs because he has a bad back. Plus, you can use it as a backpack and as a messenger bag. So far, so good.

Gotta pass this freebie to all of you because it's just too adorable to not pass on. How About Orange has three free downloaded wallpaper for your computer. Right now, I have the first one! Click here to get yours!

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