Monday, January 19, 2009

I thought it was just for a snack attack.

Since we made a trip to the nearest Asian store, I had to pick up my Shrimp Chips. Just had to. It's one of my ultimate indulgences. While some of you that absolutely hate the sight and smell of seafood and are probably cringing and thinking to yourself, " Eww, shrimp chips?" Trust me, it's good. Well, maybe not to you, but for seafood lovers, it's good.

I don't know why I googled it, but I did and I came across dozens of recipes featuring Shrimp Chip Fried Chicken. Dozens! National newspapers even featured these recipes. Really. Here's proof!

What.the.heck. I just can't imagine the combination of the two together. How would that taste? I crack up just looking at it because of the different of colors that appear in the chicken.

I may give it a whirl one of these days. Who knows. Has any of you tried this before?

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