Monday, January 19, 2009

She's sociable.

It was just like any other day. Maddie went to the front door, sits down, and looks at me. She's telling me that she needs to go to the bathroom, or in our house, " potty!" " I need to go potty!" {Gawd, I can't wait until we get a doggy door, I swear!}

On with her leash and out the door we go. But wait, Maddie stops with her ears perked up and has this look of " What the heck is that?" I'm kinda nervous because I really don't know what she would do. But, then I thought, wait, she's never seen this animal before, so screw it!

Leo, our neighbor's cat is being walked on a leash. Yes, I said leash. It's different. But, whatevs. Apparently, it's not a new thing. Maddie goes up to Leo, smells, and starts initiating play with her. Wow. I finally have a dog that is "okay" with a cat. Hah. It was the cutest thing!

Then, our other neighbor walks up to us and says, " is that a cat?" LOL

I find out that he has a 7month old German Shepard named Kacey! Aww, Kacey...what a cute name, huh? So, he brings her out and Maddie and Kacey play, play, play!

Maddie was so mad that she had to go back inside. She was crying on her way in the house. Sorry, Maddie! Just hang in there. Once all of your shots are done, we can go to a doggie park. Ooooh, I'm so excited that my doggie is sociable.

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