Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Reality of The Hills.

Having a huge snack attack after shopping at the Grove, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to get some hot wings at none other than, Hot Wings Cafe. On our way to the cafe, the hubs says, " Hey, look.... People's Revolution!" {It's right next door to the Hot Wings Cafe} " See, I told you the show is fake." It sure didn't look like it was hustling and bustling like the picture to the right shows. It was abandoned with paper covering the windows and all tagged up with gang writings. Boo.

The hubs despises this show for that exact reason: it's fake. Me? I'm indifferent. I don't really give a rats ass if it is fake or not. I just enjoy watching the cattiness and ofcourse the fashion they sport and think to myself if I can recreate that look at Forever 21.

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Julie Q said...

i must say i'm proud of myself for giving up on the hills a year ago! all of them just started pissing me off (and I realized that Bravo's Housewives is so much more ridiculous and yummy!!!!!)

still i'd pass out if i saw them shooting the hills if i was in LA