Thursday, April 30, 2009

And I'm Hooked.

Sometimes, I wish I was atypical man and have blinders when walking into a store. I swear, you smack the word, "miracle", "established since 1840 something", or heck, are claimed to be quite the popular best of the best by many consumers and you have me handing you some green moola. Daaaaaaaaaaam. I hate this weakness of mine's. It gets me into trouble.

So, a few days ago, I was watching The View and they were doing a feature on the Best Makeup Products. One of the products they featured were the smartshade by Almay. It supposedly when placed on your skin, can blend very well with your skin color, hence the name, "smart" shade.

I got curious. My facial skin is all kinds of colors. So, instead of just purchasing just one of the smartshade, I had to get a smartshade blush. Boo on me. I think I purchased the wrong color in blush as I couldn't see it on my cheeky bones. It blended a little too well. As for the concealer, ehhh. It's alright. I guess. I think I like my Benefits Ooh La La Lift way better. It's light and it seems to give me the umph under my eyes which a person who works nightshifts really needs in her life. For reals.

Then, I spotted a little section that contained all things Boots. It's a brand from England that dates way back into the 1800's. I'm all about these kinds of products because it tells me that they are substantial products given that they've been around for ages. Would you agree?

I really want to purchase the vanishing cream they sell. But, I'm having trouble finding reviews about it and more importantly, what the hell does vanishing cream do????

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