Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Post Cinco.

My coworkers and I started up a tradition of celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Chevy's by the River. If you aren't from Sacramento, it's a popular place to go to, especially on summer nights to hang out and enjoy a ice cold beer or a slushy fruity margarita out on the patio, by the river.

Last year was pretty fun. I was just an engaged woman gearing up for my wedding day for later that month. Trying to watch what I drink/eat as I was picking up my dress two weeks later. Eeek.

But, this year. Ooooh baby. I went all out and didn't give a shiz. I even had a designated driver to drop me off and pick my red ass up. Had a little too much fun. Make note to self: Gots to find out if it's hard liquor before beer or visa versa? Ugh. It's probably visa versa as I was none the happy.

I haven't been that drunk since my bachy party and I did not feel good at all. Felt like crap throughout dinner with the hubs and the smell of an ounce of tequila made me nauseated and my saliva build up.

Think I'm going to take it mucho slower next year.

How was your Cinco?

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Lisa Mani-Chang said...

Did you wear a little sombrero too?