Friday, April 3, 2009

This Really Is!

I subscribe to a ton of food blogs and really, there is only a few that I actually bust out my pots and pans for. Some of the recipe's have been hits + keepers, while some turned out meh and I was just glad that I tried it for myself.

My latest recipe is a chocolate chip cookie recipe. I've have my share of chocolate chip recipe's and never really thought they were the best. Then again, I was never really on a search for " the best chocolate chip cookie" recipe. But, as I was reading Wan Life to Live's blog, which she talks about her daily life as well as shares a ton of her family's dinner recipe, I just had to try this recipe even though it had the "cliche" title of " the best chocolate chip cook recipe." I trusted her and was so curious to find out for myself if it was just as good as she says it was!

For some reason, I thought 8:30 am on a Friday would be the perfect time to start baking. Call me a crackhead. I know. Weird, huh?

But, the recipe wasn't at all complicated. It was easy peasy. Thought the scant 1/2 cup of dough ball and then half'ing it was a bit much, but I did it anyways and baked the first 6 just to see how the size of the cookies would be. I thought for sure they were going to be mini pazookies, but hellz no they weren't! They were the size of cookies you buy at a bakery. Yeah, that's right. I baked bakery sized cookies. I'm a professional.

Ladies and Gents, you must try this recipe at least once in your life. It truly is a good recipe.

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