Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Blurbs on my Mind.

It's what ?!? Day 1,565 of me not completing my "green" guest room in our home. I know for sure I have to get it done no later than July 9th as my sister in law and her kids are going to spend a couple of weeks with us. I tell you. I really need to be pushed in order to get things done. It's such a sob story.

Saw these two pictures on Design Sponge and got motivated to get my brown bootay moving to the nearest Lowe's and buy that last can of paint to finish that room. I am determined.

Makes me wish I'd seen these pictures way before I painted the room because I think I would have done this type of design. I really like how a portion of the room is isolated with a burst of color. Pretty, no? I'm thinking this may be the perfect solution for our office that's connected to our loft area.

Been curious to know how coconut syrup taste like. I love coconut. Well, except coconut filled malasada's. I found that out over my trip. Barf. Oops, sorry. I went on a tanget here.

My oh-so-precious cuzzo, totally ruined it for me. When I asked what he wanted from Hawaii, he immediately responded with, " coconut syrup." It's really good, but it looks like sperm. " Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Indeed he was absolutely right. I saw it on the shelves in the store and was like, " why would you want to eat this stuff knowing that it looks like this?" Why?

Right now, it's in our refrigator and every single freakin' time I open up my fridge and see it, what do you think I think of?

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