Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Bicolored.

Been mildly shopping around for curtain panels for our family room. Our windows, while they have perfectly working wooden blinds on them, they are rather too bland for my taste. I need framing. Need a focal point. Need more texture. Need something to just say, " tis' is complete!"

West Elm has an array of curtain panels to choose from. One in particular has always caught my brown eye. So much, that I'm actually, like seriously, like for reals, thinking of making the leap in on them.

I am lovin' their Bicolor curtain panels. They just make a bold statement in a room. Yes? Apartment Therapy seems to love them too.

Ofcourse, I just had to seek the lovely internet to see if there were any inspired Bicolor curtain panels for a wee bit cheaper. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to immediatly find any.
Will keep looking though.

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