Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Thoughts.

Saw this picture of the Eiffel Tower on Etsy and thought, this would look pretty cool in our office at home. Love the fact that they can print out the picture in all sorts of sizes. I've seen dozens of photographs of the Eiffel Tower, but none really never caught my eye. I think the branches in the picture is what makes me love this photograph.

Been loving the look of the mary jane shoes mixed with assorted colors of tights. Think I may invest in a pair for the fall/winter season. Seems like it will be a great shoe to wear all through the season and more comfortable, too! There's nothing like having to wear a pair of boots with heels, no less, and just feel like you are in so much pain. Besides, it's important to air out your feet every now and then.

So glad that it's my last night at work. Been dog tired lately. Not sure why as I am getting plenty of sleep. May have to do with a bit of stress I am going through lately. Regardless, I am excited for this weekend events. Baby Shower. Birthday Party.

Finally purchased the door mat at Pottery Barn. It went on sale! Just $9 less, but hey, it's on sale and that's what matters, right? We also purchased the porter desk in green, but sad that it won't be here for awhile's as it is backordered. Boo.

Okay, enough random thoughts for now.

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