Thursday, October 9, 2008

I want to scream.

So, as you know, Friday is our 1st walk through the house. Since the hubs was in the area, he decides to swing by the house to take a sneak peek. I'm not sure if it was a good or bad idea. It probably was a good idea, but man, has it drawn up some upset emotions.

Casually, he tells me, " so I look at the house and I see that our carpet is that {points to the creme colored lampshade} color.

Me: What? What did you say?

Hubs: Well, maybe a bit darker, but it's definitely a light colored carpet. It's not in the brown colored family and it's not dark.

Me: What? What did you say? OH.MY.FREAKIN'.GOD! #$%#&%$$@#@.

You see folks, the carpet we chose, was a dark brown color. We wanted it to match our downstairs tile. I think what we got, based on the hubs descriptions, was a light colored creme carpet. F.

I'm so not excited to see our house tomorrow in anticipation of what I'm going to see. How could the designer mess this up? How? How do you mix up a light and dark colored carpet? WTH?

I've already given a heads up to the person we've been working with at Shea Homes. I just wonder if this has ever happened before? Can you imagine? They are going to have to tear up the entire upstairs carpet and replace it with another one. I wonder how long this is going to take. We are suppose to close on the 24th.

I know that I'm already going to be grumpy as I work tonight. Our walk through is at 10am and is going to take about 2 hours. Then, I'm headed down to SJ for the NKOTB concert at 2pm. Can we say, no sleep? Hopefully, I won't be too mean to her tomorrow. The poor thing. Heh.

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Diana Lyn said...

That sucks. :( I'm so sorry.