Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attention, Everyone. The Dubyah's are in town!

This past weekend kicked start me and the hubs " new chapter" in our married lives. We moved into our new home in booty freakin' Egypt. Hello there Bucca di Peppo, Carino's, Chevy's, Il Fornaios. It's quite lovely to see you and hopefully {not} we won't see you as often. Thank goodness for living quite close to midtown where there isn't as much chain restaurants.

We don't have cable yet and I'm starting to die here watching Seinfeld episodes on dvd's, but at least we have the internet. Phew. That was one of the first things we knew we had to hook up. Addicts, I swear.

Most of our house, the first floor that is, is put together. Lovin' my knock off of a floor lamp that I purchased at Geeyah, baby! I saved $100! Been poppin' my collar because I'm pretty proud of myself.

We purchased some barstools that I'm pretty sure are made for people with Marfans syndrome. They are so ridiculously high. And to think, we thought we were getting a pretty good deal and thought it was THEE perfect height for our countertops. Oh well, they look cute though.

We also made our first dinner in our new home. Cloth napkins, fancy water goblets and everything sans the serving dish for our meat sauce. Been trying to save on trash and use cloth napkins. But the hubs brought up a good point. So, you'd rather waste and use water then? oooooooooooooooh yeah. forgot about that.

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Julie Q said...

congrats on the new house!!