Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cover Me.

There's no question that we need to place a rug in our great family room. But, what kind of rug? There are just so many designs, textures, and colors. Plus, it's quite THE investment so you have to make sure that you pick just the perfect one.

I know that I want something modern + hip, but yet classic. Can one find such a rug? I also know that I want to sway away from the typical " Oriental" type of rugs. Reminds me of atypical Asian homes. While I do think that many Oriental rugs are beautiful, it's just not the look I am aiming for.

Been perusing the usual online furniture stores and some have caught my attention. I found some "safe" rugs, but they just look sorta doudy to me. Do you agree?

I'm sorta digging these rugs, but I'm not quite sure if its projects a seasonal type of rug vibe. Plus, it looks like I may be limited to a certain color palette if I were to go with this type of rug. They do come in two other colors, such as a dark green and pretty burnt orange.

This one seems more of my steelo. But, is it too busy, perhaps?

Never thought that finding a rug could be so complicated. Maybe I'm putting too much thought into it.

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