Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Puffy Heart...

Ever since I gorged myself into wedding planning, I seriously started to develop a hard crush on stationary. I mean, I would admire it from afar, but I wouldn't have the spontanous of, "omg, I have to have it!." Dam, freakin' wedding. haha.

Parcel Post
is one of my new favorite blogs that is constantly making me drool and scream with delight. Makes me wish that I was her best friend and can somehow get some freebies because that's what best friends do right?

A few weeks ago, I saw these on her blog. Thoughts of what I can do with these were swirling through my head. They are labels from ilee papergoods.

Now, she posted these lovely wrapping delectables. Oh my sweet Jesus. These are so yummy. I need to give a gift to someone, asap!

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Lisa Mani-Chang said...

Well, the holidays are coming up. =) You can always wrap then...hehe...