Friday, October 31, 2008

A Bright Sunburst

It's been a whirlwind of a week, hence the lack in blogging. Still trying to unpack all of our stuff. The hardest and most frustrating part of the unpacking are my clothes. I just have too many clothes. I tried to go through them a gazillion times to see what I can donate, but I only got a bagful. F. This is a big wake up call to STOP shopping. More like an emergency call.

We finally purchased a rug for our family room. Was quite surprised that we were able to purchase it so soon. Thank goodness for connections at Pottery Barn. The store in Roseville is moving locations to a bigger location and so they are having a 50-75% off sale on alot of their items. One of them being their area rugs. All of them are 75%. Drool. I wanted to adopt all of them when I arrived at the store.

We decided on the sunburst rug in orange. The hubs was a hesitant about it and I still think he still is. But, I really think it adds a punch of color and warmth to our house as it was getting a bit too brown. What do you guys think?

We also purchased a neutral synthetic tan colored rug. I couldn't help but buy two as this one was only $74!!!!! Who sells a rug for $74? Exactly. So, I just had to get it. Don't know where I'll be putting it yet, but shiz, it's freakin' $74!

Lovin' the before + after on Design Sponge on the Ikea step stool. Hatin' how I can never think of creative things like this and have to wait until someone does it first. Makes me want to go and buy an Ikea step stool and have my hand at it even though I don't need a step stool.

Picketed at work. It was truly an experience for me. Never done such a thing. Got kind of emotional and a bit nauseated while in going in a circle like a pony tied to a post. Bargaining meeting in a couple of weeks. We shall see if we are going to go on strike. Ugh. As much as I don't want to, I know that we need to. Wish us luck!

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kimberly_michelle said...

Love the rug!! Is the sale still going strong... worth a trip up on a rainy day???