Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a Good Thing.

About a year and a half ago, I was saddened by the departure of my bff-roommie-sororitysister-sister that I've never had before to North Carolina. I understood why she had to go, but I just couldn't help but be a wee bit selfish and want her to stay, well, because of me. My heart was broken, but it quickly mended each time I got a chance to see her and it was fortunately, quite often. I tried to cherish each time we got to spend time with each other because I didn't really know when was the next time we were going to see each other.

But, a little over a month ago, she calls and tells me that she has some good news to share with me. I had no clue. Was she preggers? Was she getting married to her long time bf of 10+ years? What was it?

Well, she's moving back to Cali, Cali! She's moving back to Cali!!!! This calls time for a moment of celebration. Honey shots, shall we? *clink*.

I'm so excited about this delightful news. Today, her and her bf should be arriving sometime this afternoon or tomorrow and I just can't wait to see her... and well the her bf, too! Heh.

She arrived just in time for the NKOTB concert, movie premiere of Twilight, and the holidays! What's even greater is that she'll only be about 5 minutes away from our new home. Now, this is a good thing!

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Lisa Mani-Chang said...

Uh oh, does that mean we should lock our liquor cabinets now? =P hehe....