Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update.

Had yet another busy bee weekend. When will it ever slow down for me?

Well, we went to our walk through and it turned out really good. It turns out, th
e carpet that we were drudgingly anticipating to see wasn't too bad. It wasn't a creme color as the hubs thought. He swears that in the light, it looked creme. hah. Okay, well, I'm so glad that he was so wrong. It's actually a khaki colored carpet that we were debating about getting. So, it worked out fine. The only thing is that they forgot to order the refrigerator that we managed to finaggle from them as part of our offer. Doh. So, another walk through it is--- all for the refrigerator.

Plus, since they felt so bad about the mix-up with our carpet color, they ins
talled protective covering for our garage. The guy was so excited to tell us. I personally, was wondering what's all the hype about this? Yeah, it's nice and all,but it's a freakin' garage. Who cares that there is a really good floor covering on our garage. What's the big dealio, yo?

Went to the NKOTB concert. It was such a surreal experience, yet it was so awesome at the same time! Talk about nostalgia
. My eyes were so dreamy that night, I could barely see! It was one of my best experiences, ever!

The hubs' birthday was also this weekend. "Happy
Birthday, Honey" was the theme of the day. Heh. We had dinner at A16 in the Marina district of SF. {That area is always freakin' crowded. } I got to choose a birthday card with the words," husband" on it. Now, I can be apart of that " oh, I'm so excited to get a card for my husband for the first time!." Heh.

Bought a floor lamp at.. wait for it.... wait for it.. This Young House quite often features furniture fr
om there and I have to admit, they have some pretty cool stuff. I really wanted this lamp that they often talk about at This Young House, but it's more of a desk lamp as its small. Wish it came in much bigger sizes {that's what she said!}. It's only $24.00, too! Great price.

So, instead
, I found this great looking floor lamp that I'm hoping that it'll look just as fantastic in person as it does in the picture. I just realized that it comes in a brushed nickel steel. Dam. How did I miss that?

Mine's is blackened steel. Hmmm, may have to upgrade. It was a great price at $41.96. The brushed nickel steel is $54.


Julie Q said...

AH! I totally remember being so excited for my first "Happy Birthday Husband" birthday card. I made sure it was extra cheezy and had lots of sparkly paper on it :) :)

Lisa Mani-Chang said...

Henry and I were going to do that covering to our garage. It looks really cool though!!! We bought the stuff, but then never did it to our garage.

Looks like you and Gordon had fun on his birthday. =)