Wednesday, October 8, 2008

May not cost a penny, but it's sure dam close!

Growing up, I remember hearing JCPenney stood for, " Just Cost a Penny." Did anyone hear that same saying? I never really took must interest in the store. I'd probably look around only because my mother wanted to check out the goods. I guess, I was being a little bit of an elitist when it came to entering this store. {gulp} But, now, since I'm a soon to be home owner, that elitist in me has gone away. I don't shun away any store.

Reason why. They have a ton of furniture replicates that I just can't turn a blind eye.

I love these bookshelves. On sale for $99 each! That's a steal, in my mind. Right?

Or check out these upholstered beds. They are so sleek + modern, I can't contain my giddiness inside. For a King sized bed, it's on sale for $799! {psst, it comes in assorted colors, too!}

Oh, and what about this storage bench? On sale for $299!

I am in love with this entryway cabinet/table. I love how it looks like its a thrift store find, but it's so not.
On sale for $229.

There's just so many great things to look at that I can hardly contain myself when I peruse around.

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