Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taking "green" to another level.

I'm all about trying to be green in order to better our Mother Earth, but man, this light fixture featured on Design Sponge takes the cake. Recycling the peanuts you use in the mail and turning it into a light fixture? Yay or Nay? Doesn't it sorta look unfinished and messy?

If you just can't tell how the heck it will blend in a room, here's a picture of it in a room. Are you sold yet? It definitely is a conversation piece. If you really like this, you can learn how to make it here.

Another green project that I think is more up my alley are these lovely cloth napkins. I've been thinking alot lately about using more of the cloth napkins, than the paper napkins as it creates trash and just seems like such a waste. Although, it is much easier to just use a paper napkin in all honesty.

Anyhoo, do you ever see "scraps of fabric" for sale at stores and think to yourself, " what could I possibly do with scraps of fabric?" Well, if you manage to get 1 yard of scraps, you can easily turn them into 4 pretty + adorable napkins. Instructions on how to make these are here.

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