Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Still Alive.

Excuse me for the serious drop in blogging. My gosh, I can't believe I let it get this critical. Been more of the lurker these days.

Been doing absolutely nothing these past couple of months other than hanging out and working. Hung out with some college friends a few weeks ago. Since we all live all over the place, we figured meeting about halfway would be the best option for us. So, we chose to be like hens at one of my favorite hangouts, A-Cote. 

From their decadent mussels, to their crispy pommes frites, and not to mention yummy cocktails, this place is awesome to enjoy each other's company. 
Been baking quite a lot these days. I blame the rain. Oh, the rain, how I despise you. I know, I know. We need it. My backyard plants need it and I have to say that I've noticed a small change. Small blooms are beginning to come out and its making me quite happy. I can't wait for late Spring early Summer to arrive so that I can see how our backyard is really suppose to look like. But, I digress. 

Back to baking. Just last night, I made some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies to which the recipe was adapted from the infamous Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

It was posted by Smitten Kitchen which has posted some pretty good looking recipes. Gotta say, they were pretty darn good. A little sweet for my palette, but dude, thumbs up! 

I've also been cooking our dinners at home. Sure, there are plenty of times when I just want to go and eat out, but I think of the money we spent on the groceries and how much money we'll be saving if we just stay in and cook. Le sigh. So, I cook and we eat and I'm satisfied, I guess. No new recipes though. Been rotating the ones that we've enjoyed over the past couple of months. I really want to start cooking more ethnic foods though.  Like, more Filipino foods. Gotta hit up the mamasita to learn it though. 

Maddie is still adorable as ever! Just the other day I took up the opportunity of the " First Time Guest" special at Wag Hotel and dropped her off at the all day play for free since I had two semi long meetings at work.Normally, it's $30 for all day play.  At first she was scared when we entered the front doors and shaky too! Gosh, I swear this dog acts abused sometimes. Anyways, when I picked her up later in the day, they told me she warmed up eventually after about 5 minutes and began playing with the other dogs. 

I love this place. I know I've only experienced it only one time, but I just got a great vibe from the people that work there and the place itself. It's so warm and inviting once you walk in and you don't hear a single bark. The employee showed me a little video she took of Maddie during the playtime just to show me how comfortable she was. That put a smile on my face. 

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