Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going Green!

No green was worn yesterday on my part.  Instead, I wore black and grey. Surprised that no one embarked on the opportunity at the local Target to pinch me. Unlike my little brother who wrote on this on his facebook update:

Got pinched by someone I don't know. That's just askin to get punched in the face. Hell nah!

But, I couldn't help but start my morning off on the right foot! I drank my cup of coffee in a really green mug. I felt pretty " in the spirit" while drinking from it, I gotta say.


  In commencement of the holiday, the husband decides to purchase a pre-marinated Harris ranch corn beef brisket. We decided to put it in the slower cooker and let it do its thing for 6 hours. 

I'm not really a fan of the corn beef brisket, aside from the canned stuff. I could never acquire the taste for it. So, as the corn beef cooked in our house, I was getting nauseated by the smell of it.  Throughout the day, I thought about calling up the husband to get me some chow mein on his way home. But, I decided to suck it up, aka, save $$, and eat it.

Here's how it all looked on my plate. The verdict? I still don't like corned beef. I'm wondering if it has to do with the premarinated version. Maybe if we buy a corn beef that is plain and we season it ourselves, maybe it will taste better? Thank goodness for the mashed potatoes that I made. They turned out very creamy. 

We almost went to our local froyo place to grab some Irish Mint yogurt, but thinking it was St. Patty's day, I knew there was going to be a hoard of drunken college students in the midtown area and no parking.  So, I leave you with a picture of Maddie with her new green fleece jacket that my mom and dad bought her at our local 2nd Saturday Art Walk. 


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