Friday, February 5, 2010

Post-Post-Post Christmas Sale Shopping Rocks!

It's been ages since I stepped foot into a Kmart. I don't even know where the nearest Kmart is in my city. I blame the Walmart culture. They are everywhere. But, I really wish there were more Kmart stores around me because they have far better products in their store. Always have a soft heart for Miss Martha Stewart. As always her products rock, but man, Miss Jacqueline Smith. Have you guys seen her bedding? Holy Crap. Just like the movie, " Sweet Home Alabama, " I'm going to say, " That Jacqueline Smith sure knows what she's doing." 

Anyways, as I digress.... me and my mamasita went to her local Kmart because her BFF told her that they were having a 90% sale on their Christmas stuff. Initial reaction: there's just going to be JUNK! 

Oooh, I was sorely wrong. I scored all this stuff for a whopping $3. Two rolls of Martha Stewart wrapping paper. Could not pass that shiz up for $0.39! WTF? Ridiculous, right? Scored some boxes for like $0.19! Even more ridiculous!

It gets worse. So, next door is a Big Lots. I'm going to be old school and call them Pick n' Save! Hah! There's my age out the door. Anyways, this past year, I baked a whole lotta' cookies partly due to inspiration from my girlfriends who were also baking during the holidays, but also because I was being thrifty with my $$ this year. I had tons of fun trying out different cookie recipes. Although, I thought they tasted really good at home, I was nervous to give them out for fear that the recipients wouldn't feel the same way. I lack the confidence as I'm a newbie to this whole cookie baking stuff.  

When it came time to wrap the cookies, I had the difficult time digesting the cost of a tin can. Dear God, $4 for a tin can??? Really? So, instead I purchased little white boxes that wrapped them in pretty ribbon. Ahh, but this time around, I got smart! Found a whole bunch of Christmas tin cans for $0.20! You betcha I filled up my cart with all this clanging!

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