Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Second Chance

I've decided to give Skinny Jeans a second chance. I don't know why.  But, it's really the only way I can sport my boots.  Really. 

Over the weekend, I visited Old Navy to purchase a few items for a baby shower I was attending. Once I walked in, why was it that they were having a super duper sale on jeans and summer dresses? Two of my favorite things! 

I ended up purchasing two skinny jeans. A pair of 
" The Diva" skinny jeans in a dark rinse. And another pair that had me reminiscing of my junior high-highschool days because it had a zipper on the side of the pants.

I wore both pairs of the weekend and felt absolutely fat! LOL Still trying to get use to them. I mean, I sorta enjoyed wear them with my boots, but I yeah, not used to them.

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