Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Maddie + Sunbathing + the Vet

I swear this dog never ceases to crack me up every single day. Her thing is when it's super sunny outside in the backyard, she likes to just sit in the sun and just bask in it. I quickly found this trait out when we got our backyard landscaped as I found her sitting in the sun on top of my flowers! F! 

This morning, since the sun was out, she prodded me to let her outside because well, what else? 

 She either sits like this or lays down on the bark. Every now and then, she'll change position and just sit. Too freakin' funny, yes?

Yesterday, I had to bring her to the vet (again) because she developed an infection in here right eye. My suspicions are that she got infected when she went to the All Day Play at the Wag Hotel because a couple days later, I see mucous coming out of her right eye and then later on the day her eye gets red. Ugh, really??? Do I really have to shell out another $100+ to the vet??

I'm just griping because a few months ago we had to bring her to the vet because she had an ear infection. Then a few months before that we had to bring her to the vet because she was vomitting. Thankfully, everything came out normal, but my wallet hated me. Seriously thinking of looking into pet insurance. But, I can't help but think that once we do decide to invest in it, we won't be heading to the vet for years to come. Hah. Isn't that how it always works?

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