Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This + That.

Been meaning to seriously, for reals this time, to gather up all of my mailing addresses of friends and family and have it in one spot. Right now, I'm using the pdf.file that I have saved in my computer from our wedding guest list. Can't imagine what I would do if something bad were to happen with my computer. No freakin' back up whatsoever.

A Rolodex came to mind. Saw these cute Rolodex inspired products at Etsy. Comes in different panels. Cute, no?

Started planning for BFF's baby shower. She chose these baby shower invites at She's quirky like that, so I'm not really surprised that she chose a screaming boy to be on her invite. Love the color combo's. But, wondering if the pink will be mistaken by some as though she is having a baby girl. What do you think? Contrasting it with her favorite color, orange. May do an orange envelope or an orange mailing label.

Already am perusing the Etsy boards for some cute baby finds for her. So far, I'm lovin' this polka dot + bird bib by BeanPickleSprout.

Wondering if Simon Van Kempen is gay. Husband to Alex on the boring Real Housewives of New York. Why is this show still on? The housewives are not interesting to me at all. But, I do crack up each time I see Alex and her husband Simon interact. WTF?

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