Friday, March 20, 2009

So Many Thoughts....

So many thoughts running through my head right now. I truly do wonder if I have ADD like some people say I do.

Thought {1} Will be participating in the 2009 Women's Nike Marathon in San Francisco. So excited. So anxious. Its not until October, but heck, I don't care. I know it'll come by so fast and I'll be hurrying up trying to get a run in to the very last minute. Looks like October will be a very busy month for me as the weekend before it's the hubby's birthday + a relative's wedding. Yowzers!

Will be registering for a local marathon that takes place in May. Why the sudden registering of marathons? I blame my lovely BFF coworker, " No Fear."We got each other back into running again. I love it! Love it! Love it!

Thought {2} Why the heck is heartworm medication so freakin' expensive? I swear, I don't remember a dog being so costly. We just bought Maddie 6 months worth of Sentinel heartworm meds and it was close to $100! WTH? We inquired about a prescription so that we could go online onto those pet discount websites, but the vet discouraged us from going there as they don't know how and where the medication came from, blah blah blah. Ugh, what do you guys think?

Speaking of which. Here's a little snippet of how much Maddie has grown.

Maddie profile pic at 2 months.

Maddie profile pic at 5 months.

Her head is ginormous, huh? Riiiight! She's a whopping 40+ pounds but she's still small enough to fit in my Mini. HAH.

Thought {3} Went gaga over this print featured on Creature Comforts. I was secretly hoping that the link posted would take me to Etsy, but needless to say, it didn't. The creator is Lisa Jones and she has lots of other cutie pie prints. I just wish that it wasn't in pounds. The print would be $90 sans shipping to order. Poop!

In the meantime, I'll just go back to living within my means and drool over this print instead by Blu Lima on Etsy. I think I know the perfect, yes perfect, place to put this print in my kitchen.

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